Importance of Good Credit Score for a Home Loan

Buying a home is not like a visit to the grocery store. For one, it costs a neat sum of money which is traditionally paid by availing of a home loan. When applying for a home loan the lender bank will want to know your loan history and your capacity to repay. This is also why you are asked to submit a long list of documents including your bank statements, salary slips and income tax returns.

They also look for your credit score, which is a 3-figure number and denotes your creditworthiness. A score higher than 750 is preferable. This makes you eligible for higher loan amounts, lower interest rates, lower EMIs and longer repayment tenures. Hence, having a good credit score that’s closer to 900 will work in your favor when applying for a home loan. If your credit score is anywhere below 675, you might want to first improve your credit score before thinking of taking a loan.

Here are some reasons why loaner banks need to take your credit scores into account:

Capacity to Repay

Before approving your home loan, your bank will first want to check for your capacity to repay back the loan. Your word doesn’t suffice here as banks need to know your income proof through relevant documents. If your bank statements don’t comply with the minimum income requirement, your loan application may get rejected. Ensure a healthy bank balance is being maintained.

Credit history

Different loans you have taken in the past as well as your management of credit cards give loaner banks an insight into your ability to handle credit. They will also go through your repayment history of previous loans, any loans that you are repaying currently, and if there is any history of default.

Ongoing credits

If you have an ongoing loan while applying for a high-value home loan, it’s considered risky by banks as you will then have a greater responsibility of repaying two loans. Aided by your credit score, banks can easily calculate if you are eligible for a high-value loan.

Your best move is to clear off any pending loans before applying for a home loan.

Best Places to Visit in Thrissur

Well-known for its religious sites, colorful festivals and places of natural beauty, Thrissur has a plethora of attractive tourism spots to enthrall domestic and foreign visitors alike. These attractions make great weekend getaways for the inhabitants of this ancient city too. Here’s a look at some of the best places to visit in Thrissur:

Guruvayur Temple

This ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and has a rich history taking it many millennia back. It boasts of traditional Kerala-style architecture and is beautifully adorned. Due to its popularity, it’s always teeming with devotees and tourists alike.

Punnathur Kotta

Thrissur is famous for its love of elephants. Enjoy a one-of-its-kind experience at this elephant sanctuary located a short distance from the Guruvayur temple. And if you are lucky, you could even participate in the bathing ritual of the elephants here!

Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours

If you are looking for a quiet break, then head to this towering church, also known as the white gem of Thrissur. It’s beautiful architectural beauty surrounded by lush greenery makes it a true haven of peace and tranquility.

Athirapally Waterfalls

Often compared with the Niagara Falls, visit the astounding Athirapally Waterfalls. Those visiting in the summer can enjoy bathing in its peaceful waters just before it plunges downward. During the monsoon months, bathing isn’t allowed as the falls are in full swing with its thunderous roar heard from far away!

Vadakkunnathan Temple

This is an ancient shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is decked out in gold and has beautiful wooden carvings and ancient murals depicting scenes from the Mahabharata. The huge centrally-located Thekkinkadu Maidan encircling this temple is used for the famous Thrissur Pooram festival.

Shakthan Thampuran Palace

This palace was built in 1795 by Rama Varma Sakthan Thampuran of the Princely State of Cochin. Showcasing a variety of antiques and relics that would surely pique your interest, it’s built in the Kerala-Dutch fusion style of architecture and stands out in its gleaming white glory.

Aside from this, there are numerous other attractions too including Chavakkad beach, Chettuva backwaters, etc. Attracted by its culture and beauty, people increasingly prefer to buy homes in Thrissur and settle down here.

How to Make your Home Look More Luxurious?

Your home is not only your castle where you are the king/queen of all that you see, but it’s also your daily source of joy and pride. And to make your home look more like a picture from the luxury homes section of glossy magazines, here are some interior decorating ideas and tips to help you get there:

Statement Pieces

Identify key elements that could add a luxurious feel to your home and are worth splurging out on. Some of these features easily include eye-catching chandeliers, stand-out area rugs and sofas with outstanding colors and fabrics.


Why wait for a party to add flower power to your home. Fresh cut flowers add an easy luxury element to any home. Display them in the hall, dining table or even the kitchen!


Create a whole wall of books to add an element of elegance to your room. Ensure that the bookshelf has a wood tone finishing to make it look rich. Aside from books, you can also add a few curio items to your shelves to heighten interest levels!


Use a large mirror with an interesting frame to make a space look bigger – and add a luxurious feel. It will also brighten up the space as it reflects light. A floor-length mirror is even better!

Window Dressing

Off-the-shelf blinds/curtains might not fit perfectly to your window’s dimensions. To create an opulent, luxurious look, have your window dressings tailor-made to your windows. Drapes that are ceiling-to-floor length, not only add height to the room, but also add elegance.

Wall Art

If you feel your walls or ceilings look dull, do consider adding cornicing or molding. You could add this type of artwork at the chair railing level or towards the ceiling level, and add greater elegance to your home.

Update Fixtures

Changing old door or drawer knobs, door handles, light switches or even water faucets can amp up the luxury factor in your home.


Color-coordinated area rugs help to ground furniture groupings and define room boundaries. This is aside from providing a creative element of interest to the room.

There are numerous other ways you can add a luxurious look to your home – this isn’t all! And if you are buying a flat or villa from Vishraam builders in Thrissur, you can be sure you are buying into luxuriously designed that will be the envy of your friends. With over 20 years of experience, Vishraam builders have the finest homes available in key niche areas of Thrissur and its surrounding localities. What’s more, every Vishraam home is built responsibly, without harming the environment.

Comparison between Buying a Villa and Buying an Apartment

Homes are a solid form of investment and almost everyone invests in one during their lifetime. However, with the multiple varieties of homes available, making an informed choice can become challenging. With the two main types of homes being villas and apartments, here’s an unbiased look at their properties to help you decide:

Luxury quotient

Villas offer independent homes that epitomize luxury. If money isn’t an issue, then villas are an obvious choice. Apartments, on the other hand cost considerably less (even in the luxury segment), but come with a multitude of neighbors. Choosing a villa over an apartment is all about choosing luxury over practicality!


Most people have a dream home in their mind which is customized to their needs. With villas, this can become a possibility as you have the freedom to knock down a wall or make alterations or additions (within limits). In apartments, one cannot make any changes to the structure and is limited to playing with interior décor styles only.


This factor can become a game-changer. Since having easy access to important facilities and infrastructure is key to buying a home, apartments definitely compare better as they are more centrally located. Villas are spread out in their own plot of land and require more space. Hence, it’s common to find villa projects located towards the outskirts of the city. The bottom line here is that the home should be within reasonable connectivity distances.


For those homebuyers with a restricted budget, apartments make better options. There is always a plethora of apartment projects to choose from and they come fully packed with a host of luxurious amenities and maintenance services too. As villas come with their own plot of land, they are heavier on the pocket and considered a luxury item.


If you are buying a home with an eye on returns on investment (ROI), then a villa should be your natural choice. Though villas are comparatively more expensive to buy, when it’s time to sell, villas get you better profits as cost of land only goes up. Apartments may not get you such profitable ROIs.

Hope this write-up gives you a better insight when choosing your home. When going home shopping, go with well-known builders with a reputation to keep. With over 20 years of experience, Vishraam builders offer magnificent villas and apartments for sale in niche areas of Thrissur and its surrounding localities. Fully loaded with delightful amenities and facilities, Vishraam homes are constructed responsibly without harming mother nature. Do have a look at them.

Steps to Create the Perfect Workspace at Home

The pandemic has changed the way people work, live and socialise. To stay safe and ensure social distancing norms, almost everyone who can work from home has had to create a dedicated space to call a home office. Since not all homes come with provisions for a home office, you need to get innovative with your imagination and create a workspace that’s functional, comfortable and away from homely distractions.

Here are some tips to help you create the perfect workspace at home:

Choosing the right spot

Instead of moving from place to place in search of privacy or inspiration, choose a fixed spot for working from home. It should also be peaceful and comfortable. The best spot should ideally be away from distractions, clutter and home responsibilities. Once you know what derails your attention, you can choose a spot that’s free of such distractions. This could be background noise, kids running around, appeal of the TV or sight of pending housework.

Choose a spot that will promote productivity and offers a neat background for those times when you need to have video meetings.

Get connected

Depending on the type of work you do, some of the essential things you will need to work will include a laptop, or desk top, phone charging point, printer, etc. Make sure your home office is located close to a power point, or consider getting a multi-plug extension cord to plug in all your devices. Another important issue to factor in is Wi-Fi connectivity. Ensure your workspace has strong signals to facilitate smooth flow of data.

Proper lighting

Since you will be spending many hours at your workspace, ensure proper lighting to avoid eye strain. If there is no natural light streaming in, consider placing your table in a way that ensures sufficient artificial lighting. Avoid backlighting as it doesn’t work well with video calling. A blank wall behind you will create the perfect, uncluttered background necessary for your web meetings.

Focus on ergonomics

Your work space sets your mood for getting work done. Make it a comfortable and peaceful zone. Brighten it up with some greenery or an inspiring piece of art. But more important than everything else is the type of table and chair you will be using. Ensure that the table is of just the right height and your office chair is ergonomically designed to prevent slouching or back pain. If necessary, prop it up with some cushions.

And if you are living in a Vishraam home, you don’t have much to worry about. Vishraam builders consistently provide architecturally designed living spaces that thoughtfully provide room for all your needs. With over 2000 satisfied customers, 44+ projects spanning an expansive 20 years, Vishraam homes provide the ultimate living experiences. What’s more, every project ensures conservation of natural resources, minimizing waste generation and pollution control. Do check out the multiple Vishraam projects featuring luxurious apartment and villas located in and around Thrissur.

Know your Rights as a Home Buyer

Taking the decision to buy a home is one of the best long-term investments you could ever make. Becoming a homeowner also brings with it immense feelings of joy and pride. However, buying a home isn’t just about liking a house, arranging finance and buying it. It does involve a lot of paperwork and legalities too, which you need to be aware of before signing on the dotted lines.

Some of the legal paperwork comes with uncommon set of terminologies and jargon that tell you about your legal rights as a home buyer. These rights give you the power to sell, rent out or use the property for profit as you wish – provided its not infringing on anyone’s rights. Here’s a look at some of your legal rights as a home buyer:

Purchase of Property

If you are buying an ‘under-construction’ home, it comes under the ambit of RERA. In case any discrepancies arise with the property or purchase, you can always seek recourse from the RERA body. The same doesn’t apply to ‘ready-to-move-in’ apartments however, in which case you will have to seek recourse from the district level redressal tribunal.

Right of possession

This refers to the ownership or title document received by you after paying for a home or arranging for a home loan for its purchase. However, true legal ownership of the house only comes into play after you have payed off all the dues, including taxes.

Property Registration

As per rules for property registration laid out in the Indian Stamps act in 1899, the buyer has to pay 2% of property value as registration charges. The buyer also has to pay 4-10% as Stamp Duty, depending on the Indian state where property is located. The buyer cannot be legally termed the owner until these charges have been paid in full.

Exclusion rights

As the owner of the property, you have the exclusive right to control entry of those who can access your home, including the law enforcement (unless they have a valid warrant).

Renting laws

Recent attempts to upgrade the archaic laws regarding renting have given privacy rights to the renters. The landlord (property owner) cannot enter the home without given prior 24 hours’ notice. At the same time, the landlord holds the rights to not renew the lease contract once it expires or gets terminated.

Selling rights

The owner has every right to sell their property as per their wish. However, any pending pending home loan will have to be cleared up first.

These rights are applicable to every home buyer and if you are planning on buying an apartment of villa in Thrissur or its surroundings, then you can arm yourselves beforehand with this information. Vishraam builders have delightful apartment and villa projects located in key areas of this heritage city. Every project is meticulously architected and built using eco-friendly practices, with amenities that focus on preserving natural resources. Do have a look at them!

Rainwater Harvesting Methods in Apartments

Water is the elixir of life and human existence just isn’t possible without it. Along with global climate changes, rainfall patterns are changing too. Urban areas with their ever-increasing population, are facing the effects of water shortages, especially during the dry season. To counter this, the government has made it mandatory that every new high-rise building structure that’s built in over 5 cents of land, should have a rainwater harvesting system in place.

This is applicable in apartment buildings too, where multiple families live and water consumption is high. Builders are required to provide an in-built rainwater harvesting system that collects rooftop as well as surface run-off and directs it into underground tanks. This water can be used for non-drinking purposes during the times when water is scarce.

Benefits of rainwater harvesting

  • Rainwater can be used to recharge groundwater which is getting depleted due to over-dependence on it.
  • Stored rainwater can be used during the dry season when water scarcity can hit the city.
  • Rainwater harvesting also reduces the chances of flooding in low-lying city areas – especially during sudden heavy rainfall.
  • Rainwater can be used for watering plants and the landscaped areas of the apartment complex.
  • It can also be used for washing cars, flushing toilets, cleaning common areas, etc.
  • Harvested rainwater can also be used to recharge natural underground aquifers that feed bore wells.

Rainwater harvesting system

This usually involves a network of PVC pipes that run along the edges of the apartment’s rooftop. This rooftop rainwater is directed into underground storage tanks and used for non-drinking purposes or for groundwater recharge. Surface water is collected through drains and directed into these tanks. Usually, a natural filtration system is set -up in these sumps consisting of gravel and fine sand to remove dirt, color, microbes and other water contaminants.

After filtration, the clean water collects in another storage tank from where it can be used for general purposes.


Do note that the rainwater harvesting system needs regular maintenance too. There should be periodic cleaning of drain pipes and gutters and debris cleared out so that the mesh is free from blockage. Maintain a clean rooftop too, to prevent debris collection.

For those planning on buying a Vishraam apartment in Thrissur, rest assured that there is a rainwater harvesting system already in place. As Vishraam builders are strong believers in conservation of natural resources, their every project is centered around preventing adverse environmental impact on nature.

With emphasis on reusing, recycling and restoring nature and natural products, its not surprising then that Vishraam builders were also the first to build a green-certified residential complex in Thrissur!

Come home to Vishraam, where homes are built responsibly and stories end happily.

Apartment Safety Tips for Senior Citizens

The natural human aging process includes bone weakness, infirm joints and a weaker grip. All these can lead to senior citizens being at greater risks of falling or hurting themselves easily. The evolving family structure in India also means that the elderly are often left alone to fend for themselves.

An important way to keep your elderly ones safe is by providing them with a home that is more suited to their needs. Here are some effective senior citizen-friendly safety tips to think of:

Apartment living

The elderly are safer living in gated communities such as that provided by apartments. Living in separate houses can expose them to unfortunate events. Apartments, on the other hand, offer greater security and a number of useful facilities and amenities, making them better options for senior citizens.

Well-lighted spaces

With one of the issues of old age being weakening eyesight, you should ensure all areas, including the hallways, steps and corners, are well-lit in their home. Lights inside dim cupboards is another useful tip too. Or you could just simply ask them where they want more light!


Since bathrooms are very risky for the elderly, you need to make them completely fall-proof. Some things to include are grab bars near the commode and the shower areas. A high-rise commode, shower chair, anti-slip mats and hand-held shower are other useful additions you can think about. All these tips should make their bathroom a comfortable and safer space.


Slippery floors are another major cause of injuries among the elderly. Getting rid of all carpets and rugs that can slip should be an early priority. The floor tiling should be of the anti-skid variety too and areas prone to getting wet like the kitchen and bathroom should have anti-skid mats. Ensure that there is no clutter lying around that could cause a trip or fall.

Easy Access

These could include a variety of features that are especially adapted to the senior citizen age group:

  •  Doorways should be wide enough for wheelchairs.
  •  Lever door handles that are used easily.
  • Switches, plug points and locks/bolts should be at an elderly-friendly level.
  •  Furniture should be at an ideal height.
  • An emergency buzzer in each room is a necessity too.

For those on the lookout, Vishraam builders in Thrissur have an amazing offering called Vishraam Aanandita apartments that are uniquely designed to fit the special needs of senior citizens. Some of the additional features include on-demand housekeeping services, laundry, grocery shopping, banking, bill payments, taxi services and travel agency support. Amenities available include a common dining area, a TV area, a prayer and meditation hall, a health and recreational center, landscaped park to relax in, with everything coming under comprehensive 24×7 security and surveillance. Aside from these facilities, on-call medical, pharmacy, physiotherapy and lab testing services are also made available.

Homes for senior citizens couldn’t get better than Vishraam Aanandita apartments!

Smart Homes: Things you should know before investing

Redefining luxury living are the Smart homes of today! Many real estate developers are revolutionising the concept of a home with luxurious intelligent living spaces that are energy efficient as well! Many residential projects now have their amenities and various functions with easy operation and which can be controlled from a single source. Homes of today come with smart sensors & plugs that can auto set the geysers, lights and fans, which can be operated with a smartphone.

Investors and buyers of smart homes are often misled as there is limited awareness about smart home automation in India. Buyers must do proper research before investing in a smart home. Let’s check out the diverse aspects of Smart Homes: Things you should know before investing. Vishraam Builders, reputed builders of flats in Guruvayur and apartments in Thrissur share some thoughts on this. Read on…

What is a Smart home?

It is a living space with a network of connected, remotely managed and monitored devices. With Smart homes or home automation the residents and users can enjoy higher security & comfort. All this at reduced costs due to the high energy efficiency of devices. The home automation system is an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The system exchanges consumer data to automate services based on user experience.

How is Home Automation made possible?

Connectivity is the secret behind home automation! Using Wi-Fi, the devices are connected and this facilitates communication between them. These devices work with embedded specialised software that records user data and offers intelligent predictions. Smart lights, smart home security systems, entertainment systems, thermostats, etc. are some of the common smart devices in homes.

By 2026, home automation in India is expected to boom to $13,574.1 million as millennials are fast adapting to newer technologies for energy saving and simpler living. Internet services have become relatively cheaper and home automation will set on at a fast pace.

If you are looking to invest in smart homes in India, these smart devices might interest you:

  • Smart sensors can detect overflow of water and power leakage.
  • Smart doorbells with voice recognition and a video camera give higher security.
  • Smart kitchen appliances can be set to work on a specific time & also to alert you for fumes & fires.
  • Smart showers and toilets can assess bodily wastes and monitor the user’s health closely every day.
  • Smart air conditioners, along with lights, fans and switches, can be set to offer ideal temperature and set off when not in use
  • Smart entertainment units working on voice recognition can offer easy operation and personalised entertainment.

With this insight on Smart Homes: Things you should know before investing, we hope you should have a fair idea of the various factors that go into putting together a smart home. Book your flats in Guruvayur or apartments in Thrissur with us at Vishraam Builders and let us know your smart home requirements.

Apartment Gardening for Beginners

Urban gardening is a fad that has caught on nowadays! And you don’t have to live without plants just because you are living in an apartment! Agreed you don’t have the same convenience of a real garden but you can successfully grow plants in an apartment. Vishraam Builders, reputed builders of Villas and apartments in Thrissur have compiled a few ideas for successful gardening in an apartment.

Succulents are best to start

If you are living in a flat, you can start small with easy plants to care for! Succulent plants make great first plants for beginners as they are virtually maintenance-free. You can try Jade, Aloe vera, Zebra plant, Panda plant, and Echeveria as first plants.

Consider your daily schedule

You can grow plants that suit the amount of time you have to devote to your garden. Go for low maintenance plants if you have a busy work schedule. For the work at home freelancers and homebodies, high maintenance plants are best & satisfying.

Natural light

For your flat, you can choose your first plants based on the positioning of windows and amount of light available in your space. Many succulents need minimal light while some demand direct sunlight for several hours a day. For apartments with minimal windows, Peace Lilly, Ivy, Money plants, and Fittonias are best.

For those lucky people with multiple windows & ample hours of full direct sunlight, they will be able to grow a wide variety of house plants like Cacti, Succulents, and tropical flowers.

Kitchen Garden

An indoor kitchen garden is a passion for home chefs and health-centric apartment dwellers! You can grow plants right from lettuce, Spinach, Chillies to mini tomatoes, the list goes on… Not to forget growing some herbs! A kitchen window is a good space for creating a small herbs garden.

Add spots of colour with flowering plants

Growing flowering plants is highly rewarding! Flowering annuals like pansies, geraniums, petunias, and begonias will provide beautiful flowers to brighten up your apartment.

Hanging plants

Vertical planters that attach to the walls are best for small apartments and studios. Selection of slim and tall potted plant varieties will free up space as well.

Plants on window ledges

You can utilise your window ledges to hold long rectangular planters and tiny pots for a window garden effect. Choose plants that will thrive in full daylight and ensure to turn plants.

Miniature Trees

You can add Bonsai plants (miniature trees) to your collection of indoor plants. As plants can purify the air, placing them in the most congested areas of your apartment in Thrissur can provide multiple health benefits.

Colorful planters

Make your garden colourful with planters in vibrant hues and a variety of shapes and textures. You can mix and match plants to display you and your plants will love.

Try out these apartment gardening ideas for beginners & get yourself a beautiful garden. Book your flats in Thrissur with Vishraam Builders, the best builders in Thrissur.