Budget-friendly Apartments in Thrissur

Owning a home is something everyone dreams of. But with rising inflation, high costs of living and job losses, this remains a distant dream for many. In such a scenario, affordable or budget-friendly homes are the need of the hour. In big cities like Thrissur where there is a large middle-class population, the need for budget-friendly homes is gaining greater momentum. These affordable apartments in Thrissur form a larger portion of the total homes available to cater to the city’s population.

Thrissur is also fast becoming a preferred destination for people who want to invest in real estate. This is because of its urban culture, rich heritage, premier educational institutions, multi-specialty hospitals, a peaceful society, a growing IT industry and a plethora of business and career opportunities. The fact that Thrissur is uniquely well-connected to all parts of the city via the Swaraj roundabout adds further charm and convenience to those living here.

Budget-friendly apartments in Thrissur are not only great for living in, but also offer excellent returns on investment, by giving them out as rentals. Aside from the price factor, budget-friendly homes likewise come in BHK sizes that are more suitable for the modern nuclear family structure. These homes are easier to maintain too, with both set of parents going out for work – making them ideal for the mid-income bracket of families.

However, it should be noted here that just because they are affordable apartments, doesn’t mean that they are lacking in any lifestyle enhancing amenities or features. Instead, innovative ways are used in budget-friendly apartments to keep cost of construction down, without compromising on its quality. Here’s a look at some of the innovative tricks used:

Cost of Plot

An ingenious way of bringing down the cost of a quality apartment is by building on plots that don’t cost so much. Since plots cost more in the city center, smart builders tend to build budget-friendly apartments in Thrissur on plots of land that are a little away from the city center – however, they do make sure that the plots enjoy easy connectivity to important parts of the city. In this way, the total cost of the apartment can be capped within an affordable range.

Innovative designs

When it comes to cost-cutting, design of the apartment is very important. Labor-intensive and material-hogging features like corners, cornices and niches are best avoided to keep construction costs down, without compromising on quality. Going with straight walls and simple designs is the best way to cut costs.

Simpler living

Builders of affordable apartments in Thrissur are more focused on building equity and simpler living. This however doesn’t mean cutting down on quality of construction or essential amenities. Doing so could lead to loss of credibility or reputation of the builder.

Smarter interiors

Budget-friendly apartment’s interiors are done up in a unique way to make them appear larger and airier than they actually are. It all comes down to the smart use of lighting, pastel shades of colors along with dual-function furniture to save up on that essential commodity called space!

In the long run, though you might end up with a not-so-fancy apartment design, you will also end-up with a fatter savings account and a well-constructed apartment that can be made to look larger than it actually is! The prestigious Vishraam builders offer you the delightful Vishraam Limelite apartments at Viyyur, Thrissur. Embracing natural lighting, ventilation and sustainable practices, Vishraam Limelite is a perfect blend of affordability and style.

Available in 2 & 3BHK variants, these budget-friendly homes offer you all the comforts that you could possibly need. Vishraam Limelite apartments light up every moment of your life in this 18-storey, 82-apartment complex and enrich your day. And just like any other Vishraam project, Vishraam Limelite also embrace a plethora of lifestyle amenities such as an AC gym, recreation hall, yoga/meditation room, indoor play area, children’s play area, an outdoor recreational area and of course, a landscaped Zen Garden.

With Limelite apartments, Vishraam builders have accomplished the seemingly impossible mission of providing budget-friendly apartments along with quality construction and delightful amenities. The construction experience of over 22 years and 45+ quality residential projects have all gone into it.

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Simple Ways to make Your Home Pet-friendly

There is no end to the joy you bring home when you decide to get a cute little pet. Just like you take so many precautions when it comes to protecting your baby from mishaps and go all out to make your home baby-safe, you do need to walk along the same path for your pet too.

Somethings that might appear normal for humans might not be so safe for your pet. So, here’s a look at some tips to help make your home safe and comfortable for your goofy little pet too:

Blocks and locks

You will need to install blockades around large appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, or small spaces behind large pieces of furnishing. As far as storage of household chemicals and cleaning fluids go, you will need to ensure that they are kept in a secure cabinet that your pet can’t gain access to.

Fragile items

And when it comes to your expensive bone China, fragile crystalware or precious picture frames, it’s always better to store them higher up and away from the reach of pets. The same goes with medicines – keep them locked away inside high cabinets that neither your young ones nor pets can reach!\

Covered bins

Trash bins contain remnants of your meals, food waste and even dangerous chemicals. It’s easy for curious pets to get into your trash bins so do ensure that you always have a lid on them. You could also store your trash bins inside closed kitchen closets or cabinets or even outside to keep your pets out of them.

Carpets and rugs

Everyone aspires to decorate their home and create the uber luxurious look complete with plush rugs and carpets. However, do note that these floor coverings can harbor germs and hair and aren’t good for your furry friends. Go for attractive hardwood or easy-to-clean textured floors instead.

Exposed wires

Even though modern homes come with concealed wiring, your electrical appliances will come with some loose wires at their backside. They are an open invitation for your pets to chew on them! Opt for cable protectors or keep them carefully tied up.

Pet-friendly plants

Chances are, you love to keep indoor plants to enhance your interior décor. However, do know that some plants can be toxic to pets and are best avoided. Plants like spider plant, areca palm, parlor palm, etc., are safe to keep indoors while others like poinsettias, lantana, philodendron, jasmine, etc., are best avoided.

Clean & hygienic

If you have the four-legged kind of pets, you can be sure there will be a lot of fur shedding going on. A vacuum cleaner works best at sucking out the inevitable hair scattered around the house. Make it a point to brush your pet outdoors and reduce the hair indoors.

Upholstery color

Do ensure that your soft furnishing, curtains, throw pillows, etc., are not light-colored as they will show up the shedded fur from your pets. You should also invest in scratch-free materials that won’t absorb odor either. Faux leather or leather upholstery are easier to maintain with pets around.

Pet corner

Create a quiet corner for your pet to retire to and sleep. You could keep a small mattress or a large stuffed cushion and place your pet’s toys next to it, giving them a personal space to call their own.


Four-legged furry pets require more time and resources for maintenance than smaller pets like birds or fishes, which are less messy. Fishes require a fish tank with lights, filter and bubbler, all of which require electricity. Keep your fish tank close to a switchboard.

If you are looking to buy a home where your pet is safe and still has enough space to play around in, then check out the thoughtfully-designed apartments by Vishraam builders in Thrissur. Having been in the business of building quality residences for over 22 years, and with 2000+ happy customers, Vishraam builders have the experience to keep every need of the homeowner in mind when designing homes. Every Vishraam home is built responsibly with minimal damage to Mother Nature, while still building luxurious homes for every pocket size.

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Real Estate vs. Stocks Investment

Your hard-earned money deserves to be invested in a secure manner – with the added bonus of assured growth in value. Two ideal investment options are real estate and stocks. Choosing which is the better of the two largely depends on your personal financial goals, income, risk tolerance as well as your responsibilities and commitments.

While real estate takes time to liquidate, it is a solid asset that can provide a secondary income in the form of rent, while also appreciating in value. Stocks on the other hand are easy to buy and sell, but are subject to market and economic risks. Before taking a call on which to invest in, here is an in-depth look at these two investment options:

Real Estate

1. When it comes to real estate investment, what most people miss is the research that should go into it for the investment to be viable. It’s a great way to earn a passive income over an extended period of time. Even as your capital investment remains safe and growing.

2. Aside from this, there are a number of tax benefits that go along with real estate investment. Even if you sell off your property, you can avoid paying taxes by investing in another one.

3. Since real estate can be leveraged, you can expand your holdings even when you can’t afford to pay outright cash for them. They also provide an ideal hedge or protection against inflation.

4. Real estate is more appealing as an investment as it’s a tangible asset that can be controlled and diversified when needed. It is also a physical or concrete investment for which the investor can be held responsible.

5. However, do note that real estate investments can’t be liquidated at the tap of a button. It can take a few weeks or more. But if you are in a financial crisis, you can always get an easy loan against the real estate!

6. You should also be aware that reaping profits in real estate investment takes it’s time, so you need to sit tight for a while. The benefits are usually high and worth the wait though.


1. Most people are aware of stock market investment courtesy of the media attention given to it. Investing in stock is easier too as you don’t need a large sum of money to invest. However, to make substantial profits, you do need to invest sufficient funds. The more shares of stocks you own, the more the profits you can earn.

2. There are two ways to make money out of stocks – either through dividends or through value appreciation of the company’s stock shares.

3. Aside from this, stocks are known to be more volatile than real estate, with wild fluctuations in values often triggering panic selling and loss of investment. A very calm mind and unshakable mindset is required to stay invested in the stock market.

4. Investing in stocks is highly risky as they are affected by world events as well as monetary policies, tax revisions, changes in interest rates, etc. Returns on investments are often lower than expectation due to the numerous external factors that can affect it.

5. Then there are some stocks that move sideways for years, keeping your investment in a stagnant stage, with no increment benefits.

6. It’s easier to liquidate your stocks investments, but they might lead to capital gains tax, and generally result in making your tax burden that much heavier.
Everything said and done, it should be noted that investing 1lakh in stocks will get you stocks worth 1 lakh. Investing 1 lakh in real estate as down-payment can however get you a property worth 10 lakhs (with tax-deductible EMIs)! And unlike stock sales, real estate capital gains taxes can be deferred by investing in another property!

So, if you are looking to invest in real estate, then check out the immaculately-designed apartments and villas in prime locations in Thrissur. Owned by the much-awarded Vishraam builders, these homes offer excellent investment opportunities, both in terms of rent as well as capital gains. With the experience of over 45 projects over the last 22 years, Vishraam also has a kitty of 2000+ satisfied customers!

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Affordable Apartment Projects in Thrissur

As the famous architect Laurie Baker had put it, affordable or cost-effective homes aren’t just meant for those under middle-upper class, but for everyone in society. It all depends on how sustainably you want to live, though this is a concept that not everyone is able to come to terms with.

While affordable housing forms part of a world-wide debate, there is no question about it that more affordable homes are the need of the hour. Global inflation, loss of jobs and rising cost of living are putting overt stress on a majority of the population. And as everyone desires to buy a home of their own one day, the rising cost of homes is becoming a hindrance to many. To cut a long story short, before you accumulate sufficient funds for the down-payment of a home, you find that costs have gone further up!

However, there are innovative ways to keep construction costs under control and build affordable apartments in Thrissur – without compromising on the structure or life of the building. Here’s a look at some of these tricks:

1. Builders are laying greater emphasis on affordable apartments in Thrissur that focus more on the importance of simpler living and building equity. This doesn’t mean using lower quality building materials or cutting down on the provisions and amenities. Doing so would impact the quality of the building, leading to loss of customers as well as loss of reputation and credibility of the builder.

2. Instead, design is a significant factor when it comes to cost-cutting. When designing affordable flats in Thrissur, builders can easily opt for creating more of straight walls with lesser niches and corners as these tend to ramp up material usage as well as labor costs. Smart builders in Thrissur bank on simplicity of design as an excellent way of cutting costs, without cutting quality.

3. Another way to build affordable apartments in Thrissur is by building on plots that are not in the city center where the cost of land is on the steeper side. Some of the best builders in Thrissur construct affordable apartments on plots that don’t cost so much; this way they are able to keep the total cost of the homes within an affordable range.

4. While affordable homes might translate to not-so-fancy designs, but fatter savings accounts and moneys saved from spending on rent, you can still have a win-win situation by making your home look larger and airier than it actually is. The trick is in the smart use of pastel colors, dual-function furniture that doesn’t hog up space, and of course, smarter design schemes.

Historically, rising fuel costs have a spiraling effect on everything, including raw building materials and labor costs. There has been a 10-15% increase in construction costs over the last 18months and its reflecting on their end-product. All this makes buying affordable starter homes instead of the larger, sprawling version of luxury homes, a better option. The bright side of this investment is that you will still have a decent savings account and a smaller home loan to repay back!

For those on the lookout for affordable apartment projects in Thrissur, have a look at some of the quality projects by the much-awarded Vishraam builders. Well-known for our green and sustainable approach towards building, you can find a Vishraam home in strategically-located areas like Punkunnam, Amala Nagar, Chembukkavu, Kottapuram, Kanattukara, Shornur Road, Guruvayur, etc., in Thrissur district.

At Vishraam, we stay true to our word and provide innovatively-designed homes for smart living. Banking on the 2000+ happy smiles of our customers over the last 22 years and 45 quality projects, Vishraam always delivers excellence every day, in every way.

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7 Advantages of Living in a Villa

Most people dream of owning a home of their own one day and truth be told, this dream home is usually a spacious villa home with a garden patch and the added luxury of privacy. With so many varieties of homes being available, it’s the villas that have been taking precedence, by those who know what good living is all about.

If you are ready to invest, then luxury villas in Thrissur, Kerala, are the best homes to lookout for. Thrissur is a culture-rich heritage city that is rich in excellent infrastructure and home to numerous big business houses, premier educational institutions, a growing IT hub and medical facilities. Gated community villas in Thrissur are the best place to bring up your family and there are many such projects to choose from. If you are planning on upgrading your lifestyle from an apartment home to a villa, then here is a look at some of the advantages that go with it:

1. Investment Value

While villas are a little on the costlier side, they do make excellent long-term investments. As these independent homes sit on their own plot of land – land that is increasingly becoming dearer year-on-year – a villa resale will get you substantial gains, even within a few years of buying it. Aside from, this, villas make excellent sources of secondary income too, as they command higher rents as compared to apartments.

2. Freedom to Make Changes

Everyone has their own unique tastes and designs that they want to implement in their homes. In apartments, you really can’t do much in terms of modifications, but with villa homes, you can customize them to become exactly what you want – knock down a wall and expand the room, build another room over the terrace or create a back porch – its all yours to do with as you please! And you don’t even have to take permission from anyone for it.

3. Location

Villas are located in exclusive areas where there is little or no pollution, no overcrowded roads and no loud neighborhoods. Gated communities with villas are usually located in spacious suburbs with large open lung spaces and manicured greenery and lawns. This is a great advantage when compared with those living in the city centers and end-up with smaller homes and greater exposure to air and noise pollution.

4. Pet-Friendly

For those who love pets, villas are the ideal place to live in. Since most apartment homes don’t encourage four-legged pets, villa homes are a blessing as your pets not only get more space to romp around in, but you can also take them for walks along the safe paved footpaths of the gated community’s lanes.

5. Privacy

One of the best perks of villa living is the privacy that comes with it. No more shared walls for nosy neighbors to eavesdrop on your activities or peep out at your comings and goings. Villas stand on their own plot of land with clear boundaries to keep annoying neighbors away.

6. Amenities

Villa homes offer high-end amenities to ramp up the lifestyles of its inhabitants, with features to keep the whole family entertained. These could include swimming pools, clubhouse, children’s parks, manicured lawns and gardens, mini theaters, indoor game rooms, gym, outdoor game courts, etc.

7. Safety and Security

Gated community villas come with multi-level safety and security so your family and home are always safe. Aside from 24×7 manned gates, there is CCTV surveillance, use of smart security devices and only authorized entry of people. Your kids can play and cycle safely outdoors within such gated communities, without your ever worrying about them too!

Hopefully, you are now convinced about the advantages of opting for a villa home! And for those on the lookout, the much-awarded Vishraam builders in Thrissur have exclusive luxury villas for sale in Thrissur. Check out the meticulously-designed, futuristic Praana villas that are big on luxury, space and innovation.

Known for being among the top builders in Thrissur, Vishraam builders have over 22 years of excellent building experience with 45 successfully executed projects behind them. And the 2000+ satisfied smiles of customers continue to inspire the team to outdo themselves with each upcoming project!

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Top 7 Advantages of Buying an Apartment in Guruvayur from Vishraam Builders

Your home is your comfort zone, the place you aspire to be at the end of the day, a space where you are the king of all that you survey. Becoming a homeowner is something everyone aspires for, a pride that everyone deserves to experience at least once in their lifetime. One of the best places to buy a home is in the heritage-rich city of Thrissur in the verdant state of Kerala.

Known as one of the top builders in Thrissur, the much-awarded Vishraam builders have been in the business of constructing quality homes for over 22 years now, having successfully completed 45+ residential projects, and many more in the pipeline too. One of the most outstanding Vishraam projects is its classy luxury Aanandita apartments in Guruvayur. Here’s a look at 7 advantages of buying an apartment in Guruvayur from Vishraam builders:

Preferred Destination

Of recent, Guruvayur has been witnessing rapid development in the real estate sector and many big brand builders in Guruvayur are involved in luxury projects here. This suburban town in Thrissur district has been seeing an increasing demand for luxury flats in Guruvayur. This demand is being fueled by white-collar professionals who are always on the lookout for better prospects.

Best Location

Whether it’s a villa, flat or apartment home, location is always the most important feature to keep in mind. And with Guruvayoor becoming a hotspot for homebuilders and homebuyers alike, one of the best choices you can make today is to buy luxury flats in Guruvayoor by Vishraam builders. The delightful Aanandita apartment project offers some of the best apartments for sale in Guruvayur and is well-connected with easy access to infrastructure, important facilities and entertainment spots.

Spiritual Abode

Guruvayur has a unique place in history and culture. Known as the ‘Dwarka of the South’ and the abode of Lord Krishna at the Guruvayur temple, this town is also known to house the oldest church in the country – the St. Thomas Church built in 52 AD by followers of St. Thomas the apostle. Guruvayur attracts tourists in their thousands every year and this means top-notch facilities and infrastructure to support them.


You will find that Guruvayur offers modern facilities along with a serene lifestyle. Along with an excellent network of roads, a railway station as well as airports in neighboring cities, excellent medical facilities and educational institutions are some of the other cosmopolitan props available in this clean and green suburban setting.

Fusion Living

By investing in one of the best apartments in Guruvayur by Vishraam builders, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Revel in a fusion lifestyle that takes away the stresses of modern living and plunges you in a serene suburban setting. No wonder there has been an increased demand for apartments for sale in Guruvayur!

Peaceful Neighborhood

Another reason why there is an increased demand for luxury flats for sale in Guruvayur, is the neighborly mindset of the community. The strong moral fabric of the society means that people live in harmony here and crime rates are very low. This means that the elderly population can feel safe living alone here. Guruvayur is also famous for producing many professionals from the entertainment industry.


Who wouldn’t want to buy a flat in Guruvayur with all important things being available in close proximity. Good roads and easy availability of all luxury amenities available in apartments mean that residents can lead a seamlessly peaceful life and only improve their quality of lifestyle further!

For those interested in buying luxury flats in Guruvayoor, have a look at the responsibly-built Aanandita apartments by Vishraam builders. Built with inspiring luxury amenities and extra privileges such as housekeeping and kitchen services on demand, banking services, lab facilities and on-call doctors, maintenance, recreation and health facilities – all because we want to nurture your spirit of freedom and dignity. At Aanandita, we believe in providing consistent service and care to senior citizens for a lifetime. Welcome to a new beginning for like-minded people to live under the same roof.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Your First Home

Everyone aspires to buy a home of their own at least once in their lifetime and becoming a homeowner brings with it matchless feelings of pride and euphoria. However, since it’s a major financial commitment, homebuying does require quite a bit of planning and saving as well.

Aside from this, since it’s a very significant decision that will affect the quality of your life for many years to come, you will need to be very prudent too. You’ll have to educate yourself on all the features that go into the buying of possibly the biggest investment of your life. And when choosing a location, you couldn’t do better than to buy a luxury apartment in Thrissur, Kerala’s cultural capital. Its teeming with excellent infrastructure, career hubs and a peaceful, green environment. But before proceeding any further on the homebuying route, here is a look at some of the commonly-made mistakes by first-time homebuyers and how to avoid them:

Background Research

You will first need to have an idea of what you want in your home, whether it’s a luxury villa in Thrissur or an apartment in Thrissur, the number of BHK, the location, the amenities as well as your budget. Since its common practice to browse online before purchasing anything, you can scour through numerous projects online and even take virtual tours of projects that interest you. This will give you an idea of what’s available on ground and research for reviews about those projects before visiting them physically.

Getting Distracted

There is a high probability you will see properties that you will fall in love with straight away while you are home shopping! But you do need to be practical as the said property should also fit within your list of requirements such as budget, location, builder and their reputation, etc. So, getting emotionally attached can be a major mistake!

Too Many Freebies

While it’s a human thing to be attracted to freebies, you need to tread cautiously when it comes to homebuying. Too many discounts, freebies and the builder bending over backwards to accommodate your requirements is a definite red herring! This could mean you won’t be getting a quality product at the end of the day. Run away while you can!

Staying Within Budget

Even if your dream home lookalike is out of your budget, don’t go on a whim and buy it! In the long run, it could put you into serious financial constraints as you struggle to repay back a heftier loan. It could also drain you off your rainy day savings, leaving you unable to cope up with unforeseen expenses.

A Trusted Builder

Checking the reputation of your builder is crucial when buying a house. With a well-known builder, you can be sure that all the appropriate legal permits and certification papers are in order and aboveboard and that there is assured quality of construction. The same cannot be assumed from an unknown builder.

Other Expenses

Aside from the down payment of 10-20% of the cost of your new home, you do need to keep other expenses in mind when buying a home. These hidden expenses include the registration fee, stamp duty, interior designing charges, taxes, moving home expenses, etc. All these aren’t covered by your home loan, so do ensure you are covered for these expenses too!

Growing Family

Remember to plan ahead for the needs of your growing family when buying a home. Kids will need more private spaces as they grow as well as easy-to-access educational institutes. Similarly, elder members will need medical facilities nearby too. Keep all this in mind when buying your home!

For those looking to buy a luxury apartment in Thrissur, do check out the homes by the award-winning Vishraam builders. Well-known for their transparent transactions, ethical practices, use of quality materials and responsible green measures keeping Mother Nature in mind, you couldn’t go wrong by choosing to buy a Vishraam home.

There are numerous Vishraam apartment projects strategically located in key areas of the city, so that residents can benefit from nearby infrastructure! Furthermore, Vishraam builders have over 22 years of experience in building over 45 quality projects and 2000+ happy customers to vouch for their comfortable homes.

Do come and check for yourself too!

Is Home Insurance Really Worth It?

Your home is most probably the largest financial and emotional investment that you will ever make. A lot of saving, planning and research go into its ownership. Which is all the more reason why you would want to keep it safe from every kind of mishap.

Most people are so overwhelmed by the legal processes involved in buying a home that they tend to overlook another important aspect called home insurance. And then there are those who are even skeptical about the worthiness of even investing in home insurance even!

Any kind of damage to the home and built-up property attached to it can become damaged, whether by miscreants or natural calamities. It can lead to huge financial setback and burn a big hole in your pocket for repairs. And with climate changes and floods and fires happening rampantly across the globe, home insurance becomes critical in safeguarding you from property loss. Most insurance companies are offering comprehensive home insurance packages that include the home building structure as well as belongings and valuables kept therein.

Comprehensive Home Insurance

Comprehensive home insurance policy safeguards you from calamities such as storms, lightening, fire, earthquakes, floods, landslides and inundation. Depending on where you live and your lifestyle, you can also choose from other add-on coverages that include damage caused by miscreants or terrorists, burglaries, breakdown of appliances and equipment, accident coverage for family or pet, etc.

With an increase in incidences of natural calamities and crime, its wiser to spend a little money annually on home insurance rather than spending a small fortune on repairs. Read on to know more:

Nominal Cost

Cost of home insurance policies aren’t expensive, even though the sum insured is so much higher. An example is a home insured for Rs.40lakhs can cost you as little as Rs.2000 per year! And if you opt for a comprehensive policy that also covers the contents of your home, your premium would be just around Rs.5000 per year.

Extensive Coverage Options

With an insurance policy, the protection is not just for your home, but also for other outbuildings such as your garage, sundeck, shed and even your boundary wall or fence! And you can add-on the contents of your home including furniture, appliances and electronics. However, do remember to keep the bills of purchase of insured items carefully, in case of claims.

Protection From Lawsuits

Interestingly enough, some home insurance policies can also protect you from property related lawsuits. You could avail protection from lawsuits which could arise from your accidently damaging the property of another person. In such a case, you need not worry as your home insurance would cover you. Likewise, it would also cover the medical expenses of a visitor who gets injured on your property.

Financial Security

Having home insurance provides financial security for your losses. And depending on the policy you have opted for, you can even get replacement of your lost insured belongings, instead of just money. However, you will need to keep the bills of all your insured items for claim purposes.
Natural Disasters – Repairing your house from natural calamities can be very draining, both financially and emotionally. This is when home insurance comes in handy as they take care of the expenses.

Peace of Mind

Above everything else, you get to enjoy the luxury of peace of mind when your home is insured! And this stands true, whether your home is an apartment, villa or stand-alone bungalow. Just select a home insurance policy that suits your needs, pay the premium and enjoy freedom from worry!

Hence getting your home insured isn’t just an option, but a necessity for keeping your beloved home safe! For those investing in Vishraam homes in Thrissur area, rest assured that you don’t have much to worry about. These homes are built responsibly with earthquake-resistant designs and in carefully chosen locations that aren’t prone to flooding.

With the experience of over 21 years and 44+ projects plus and more than 2000 happy customers, Vishraam builders are a name to reckon with when it comes to building quality apartments and villas in and around Thrissur. Equipped with the best in comfort, quality and amenities, our spacious residential projects are worth aspiring for!

How to Decide If an Apartment is Right for You

Whether it’s finding the right life-partner or finding the right apartment for yourself, you will have to put in your maximum effort and be very vigilant and dedicated in your search. You need to have a very clear idea of what all features and facilities you want in your home and search accordingly. There will also be a lot of questions to ask and a lot of information to go through before you can finalize on just the right apartment. All the specifics are important, notwithstanding whether you’re buying an apartment or renting one!

Finally, you should never be in a hurry when going home-shopping. It’s a very big investment and you should take your time to look for that perfect home for yourself which fulfills all your requirements. So, before you commit to an apartment, here are some suggestions to guide you towards making just the right choice:


When searching for the perfect apartment for yourself, you will need to decide on the locality you want to live in first. Buying in a locality in the heart of the city might result in your having to deal with traffic issues and noise and air pollution associated with such areas. Look for an apartment in less congested areas that are well-connected to important localities and have access to good infrastructure.


You wouldn’t want to end-up with the wrong builder or an over-priced home, hence use the internet to do some much-needed research and ensure that you don’t get taken for a ride. An apartment is a substantial investment and you deserve to get value for your money.


Your ideal apartment should have easy access to important places such as bus stops and railway stations. It should also have quick proximity to schools and colleges, hospitals, shopping hubs and career hubs, etc. Having public amenities nearby would be an added boon too.


Your dream apartment home should be in a good neighborhood, an area where your kids would be safe walking back unaccompanied or an area where there are no rowdy bars or noise-emitting clubs. You should also ensure that your perfect apartment isn’t located in close proximity to polluting industries, garbage dumps or graveyards either.


If you are someone with a pet as part of the family, do check if the apartment society allows owners to keep pets in their homes. And in case you are someone who is allergic to cat or dog dander, you will need to find out first if pets are allowed into the building and save yourself from allergies in the process!


While most apartment complexes come with some level of security and surveillance, you do need to enquire about the security features that come along with your dream apartment. While most modern apartments come with CCTV surveillance and manned gates, others come with features like video doorbells, digital locks, etc., to keep you feeling comfortable and safe!


Most apartments come with a string of lifestyle-enhancing amenities. Check if your apartment of choice comes with the amenities that are relevant to your family’s needs. These could include an air-conditioned gym, a clubhouse, swimming pool, kid’s playground, indoor game rooms, party halls, yoga deck, etc.

Car Park

Having access to your own designated covered car park is an essential commodity in apartment complexes. Do find out if the car parking is included in the apartment’s total bill or is at an extra cost.

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Tips to Reduce Home Loan Interest Rate

Everyone aspires to buy their dream home one day and its usually one of the most expensive ventures they ever make. Traditionally, a home loan is availed to pay for a larger chunk of the final cost. However, before taking a home loan, a number of factors need to be considered very carefully as this would have an impact on your monthly running expenses too.

Home loans are repaid back to the loaner bank in the form of EMIs (equated monthly instalments) that can stretch out to a maximum of 30 years depending on your income and repaying ability. A well-managed home loan can make all the difference between an achievable goal or a possible loss of your home. Since home loans come with impactful interest rates, you need to first look around for a bank that is reliable and offers decent interest rates. High interest rates mean more EMIs paid out. Availing of home loans also gives you a bouquet of tax benefits which are beneficial in the long run.

Some of the factors to keep in mind while applying for a home loan are your eligibility depending on your income, repayment capacity, CIBIL score and cost of home loan including administration fee, processing fee, prepayment fee, etc. To avoid putting stress on your monthly budget, you need to plan out your home loan carefully. Here is a look at some tips to help reduce your payable home loan interest rate:

Research Online

Before settling on a loaner bank, research online for the best interest loans offered by standard banks or NBFCs. Even a variation of 0.5% in interest rate can make a significant impact on the total cost of your home. There are some websites that can give you greater clarity with a comparative study of different loaner banks.

Larger Down Payment

Most banks require you to make a down payment of anything between 10-20% of the total value of your home while they provide the remaining 80-90% of the financing. However, if you make a larger down payment, you will have to take a smaller loan amount. This way, you will end up paying lower on interests too.

Shorter Loan Tenure

When taking a loan, choose a shorter loan repayment tenure. This will ensure that your overall interest payable comes down significantly. You will end up paying more interest if you go for longer tenures of 25-30 years. Going with shorter of 10-15 years will mean larger EMIs, but lower interests paid out.


Another smart way of bringing down the total interest paid is by making frequent prepayments, especially during the early years of your home loan. Bringing down the principal amount borrowed means lower paid on a larger sum, hence prepayments make a good option. Do note that floating rate loans do not incur extra charges on prepayments, unlike fixed interest rates which attract a certain percentage.


If you have been a responsible borrower and have a good credit history and a CIBIL score above 700, you have higher chances of being offered lowered interest rates on your home loan. Aside from that, you can also wait for festive deals when rates might be lower to apply for a home loan.

Heavier EMIs

Some banks allow borrowers to revise their EMIs. So, in case you have had a promotion and have more income to spare for your monthly installments, increasing your EMI amounts would result in shorter tenures and less total interest paid out; this is because your loan amount would come down significantly. Do check with your bank if they offer this facility.

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