Smart Homes: Things you should know before investing

Redefining luxury living are the Smart homes of today! Many real estate developers are revolutionising the concept of a home with luxurious intelligent living spaces that are energy efficient as well! Many residential projects now have their amenities and various functions with easy operation and which can be controlled from a single source. Homes of today come with smart sensors & plugs that can auto set the geysers, lights and fans, which can be operated with a smartphone.

Investors and buyers of smart homes are often misled as there is limited awareness about smart home automation in India. Buyers must do proper research before investing in a smart home. Let’s check out the diverse aspects of Smart Homes: Things you should know before investing. Vishraam Builders, reputed builders of flats in Guruvayur and apartments in Thrissur share some thoughts on this. Read on…

What is a Smart home?

It is a living space with a network of connected, remotely managed and monitored devices. With Smart homes or home automation the residents and users can enjoy higher security & comfort. All this at reduced costs due to the high energy efficiency of devices. The home automation system is an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The system exchanges consumer data to automate services based on user experience.

How is Home Automation made possible?

Connectivity is the secret behind home automation! Using Wi-Fi, the devices are connected and this facilitates communication between them. These devices work with embedded specialised software that records user data and offers intelligent predictions. Smart lights, smart home security systems, entertainment systems, thermostats, etc. are some of the common smart devices in homes.

By 2026, home automation in India is expected to boom to $13,574.1 million as millennials are fast adapting to newer technologies for energy saving and simpler living. Internet services have become relatively cheaper and home automation will set on at a fast pace.

If you are looking to invest in smart homes in India, these smart devices might interest you:

  • Smart sensors can detect overflow of water and power leakage.
  • Smart doorbells with voice recognition and a video camera give higher security.
  • Smart kitchen appliances can be set to work on a specific time & also to alert you for fumes & fires.
  • Smart showers and toilets can assess bodily wastes and monitor the user’s health closely every day.
  • Smart air conditioners, along with lights, fans and switches, can be set to offer ideal temperature and set off when not in use
  • Smart entertainment units working on voice recognition can offer easy operation and personalised entertainment.

With this insight on Smart Homes: Things you should know before investing, we hope you should have a fair idea of the various factors that go into putting together a smart home. Book your flats in Guruvayur or apartments in Thrissur with us at Vishraam Builders and let us know your smart home requirements.

Apartment Gardening for Beginners

Urban gardening is a fad that has caught on nowadays! And you don’t have to live without plants just because you are living in an apartment! Agreed you don’t have the same convenience of a real garden but you can successfully grow plants in an apartment. Vishraam Builders, reputed builders of Villas and apartments in Thrissur have compiled a few ideas for successful gardening in an apartment.

Succulents are best to start

If you are living in a flat, you can start small with easy plants to care for! Succulent plants make great first plants for beginners as they are virtually maintenance-free. You can try Jade, Aloe vera, Zebra plant, Panda plant, and Echeveria as first plants.

Consider your daily schedule

You can grow plants that suit the amount of time you have to devote to your garden. Go for low maintenance plants if you have a busy work schedule. For the work at home freelancers and homebodies, high maintenance plants are best & satisfying.

Natural light

For your flat, you can choose your first plants based on the positioning of windows and amount of light available in your space. Many succulents need minimal light while some demand direct sunlight for several hours a day. For apartments with minimal windows, Peace Lilly, Ivy, Money plants, and Fittonias are best.

For those lucky people with multiple windows & ample hours of full direct sunlight, they will be able to grow a wide variety of house plants like Cacti, Succulents, and tropical flowers.

Kitchen Garden

An indoor kitchen garden is a passion for home chefs and health-centric apartment dwellers! You can grow plants right from lettuce, Spinach, Chillies to mini tomatoes, the list goes on… Not to forget growing some herbs! A kitchen window is a good space for creating a small herbs garden.

Add spots of colour with flowering plants

Growing flowering plants is highly rewarding! Flowering annuals like pansies, geraniums, petunias, and begonias will provide beautiful flowers to brighten up your apartment.

Hanging plants

Vertical planters that attach to the walls are best for small apartments and studios. Selection of slim and tall potted plant varieties will free up space as well.

Plants on window ledges

You can utilise your window ledges to hold long rectangular planters and tiny pots for a window garden effect. Choose plants that will thrive in full daylight and ensure to turn plants.

Miniature Trees

You can add Bonsai plants (miniature trees) to your collection of indoor plants. As plants can purify the air, placing them in the most congested areas of your apartment in Thrissur can provide multiple health benefits.

Colorful planters

Make your garden colourful with planters in vibrant hues and a variety of shapes and textures. You can mix and match plants to display you and your plants will love.

Try out these apartment gardening ideas for beginners & get yourself a beautiful garden. Book your flats in Thrissur with Vishraam Builders, the best builders in Thrissur.

How to check the construction quality of your home?

A home in an unsafe building is not what you would want for your family to live. Nowadays when you hear of accidents happening like collapsing buildings you get afraid. So, if you are checking out villas or have already bought a villa watch out! Better to do a quality check just to be on the safer side.

You will be able to notice things which tell you about the construction quality of a building by being a bit observant. Even if you are not able to notice anything you still need to ensure that the house you are buying is newly constructed.

The construction quality checking can be done by looking at the paint and plastering on the walls, installation of tiles on the floors and walls etc. doors and windows, Water fixtures, sanitary installations etc. also need to be checked. There should not be any peeling or seepage plaster from the ceiling or walls. A buyer should check all these things before buying. Even if a buyer has already bought the property, he can bring these defects to the builder’s notice.

Check the elevators are working, fire system and also if the building is earthquake resistant. Soil testing should be done before the construction begins & you can ask for a copy of the test report from your developer.

RERA and structural defect liability

According to the Section 14 of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, it is clearly stated that it is the promoter’s responsibility to rectify any structural defect within a period of five years.

Here is a checklist of things to check the construction quality of a home for new homebuyers:

  • Home construction should be checked at the time of booking
  • Check the quality of the building material
  • Good construction makes sure the safety of a building
  • Wet areas should be checked like bathroom, kitchen etc
  • Check for leakages and patches on walls
  • If a nail does not enter a wall easily that means it’s strong
  • Check the slopes of floors and see if water flows into drains
  • Rub the plaster from the walls to evaluate quality

A strong building can be built only using good quality construction material. If the construction is poor even a new building can get damaged. With good quality construction, then even old buildings can have a long life.

You can check the previous projects by the builder for construction quality assessment. Check for leakages on the exterior or interior areas with a physical or visual inspection. Apart from this, you can check for nearby construction activities which may damage your building.

We at Vishraam Builders, one of the best construction companies in Thrissur, hope that this insight has been of help to you. Book your apartment or villas in Thrissur with us and get a strong safe home.

Things to keep in mind when investing in a Luxury Apartment

Buying a luxury flat is something you have always dreamt of! When you have reached a stage to be able to invest in a luxury apartment with all amenities, try to analyse and figure out if the property is worth the premium. There are certain things to keep in mind when investing in a luxury apartment. Top builders in Thrissur, Vishraam Builders, try to shed some light on this for you to make a wise decision. Read on…

Good location

When buying a luxury flat, the main factor to look out for is the location. This determines if your home is easily accessible to important educational institutes, medical facilities, entertainment and shopping destinations. A prime location will also give good ROI.

Attention to detail in amenities

Luxury apartments may look tempting but it is important to confirm that the property is designed and constructed conforming to the National Building Code. Also do your research on construction technique, quality of materials used and the premium luxury fittings used. Many luxury apartments in Thrissur by eminent builders in Thrissur like Vishraam Builders are designed to offer maximum comfort and cutting edge facilities to the residents. State-of-the-art facilities include landscaped gardens, generously spacious living areas, Wi-Fi, in-house gym and much more.


Nowadays, high-end security systems, smoke detection systems, solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems are common in luxury flats. Do ensure that the luxury apartment you are investing in comes fitted with the latest and best in technology and amenities.

Floor-to-ceiling height

If the floor-to-ceiling height is less than 12 feet, the luxury value comes down. Apart from that, apartments with low ceilings are also not suitable for luxurious interior decoration.

Project density

A luxury apartment project should have fewer people living in the project. If the available amenities are shared by too many people, it destroys the project’s luxury ambience, exclusiveness, convenience and charm.


Parking sufficiency should be more in luxury apartment projects. The available car parks should be more than one for each luxury flat.


The luxury apartment project must also have service elevators with separate entries. This is to ensure that domestic help and external suppliers do not populate the elevators and lobby being used by residents.


A prime concern nowadays! Do check out if the luxury apartment you are going to buy has smart and technologically advanced security systems. Nowadays discreet security cameras, high-tech, automated alarm systems or access control system to monitor visitor entry and more, are used to make sure your home and family are safe at all times

If you are looking for a true luxury flat, please get in touch with Vishraam Builders, leading builders in Kerala. As one of the best eco-friendly builders in Thrissur, Vishraam Builders is focused on planned development & crafting unforgettable lifestyle experiences. With 19 years of excellence behind us, we serve by innovating, improving quality, reliability and service.

Things that make an Apartment ideal for Healthy Living

Healthy living means embracing wellness into your daily life! Living in an apartment that helps you to stay in tune with yourself & treat your body kindly is important. It helps you to get closer to any health goals you may wish to achieve for a healthy living style. Here is a list of some things that make an Apartment ideal for Healthy Living. This insight is brought to you by Vishraam Builders, top builders in Thrissur.

Comfortable seating

Get some comfortable seating for your apartment ! It is a place to watch your favorite show, read your favorite book, or simply take a nap. Comfortable seating helps you to unwind! There are a variety of options when it comes to comfortable seating right from a couch, a plush chair to a bean bag!

Comfortable mattress, personalised pillows & soft bed-sheets

After a stressful day sleeping is your one way to recharge & bring in positive energy into your home. It helps you to function better and is an important element in keeping you healthy. Invest in soft bed-sheets and a comfortable mattress. Find a mattress that works for you even though it may cost a bit on the higher side. You can get personalized pillows nowadays that help you to sleep even better.

Extra storage solutions

Living in a clean and organized space helps you to feel happy and healthier! At the end of the everyday hustle and bustle, you might want to come home to a clean apartment, so that you can relax at peace. A clean apartment can give you more time to do other things that you would like to.

However, it’s impossible to achieve it without enough storage for keeping everything in its proper place. Hence, it is a great idea to invest in extra storage options. It can be shelves in your kitchen or bathroom or even boxes you can put underneath your bed.

Scented candles to destress

A sweet-smelling apartment can have a great impact on your lifestyle! There are scented candles that are designed to produce stress-free aromas that can help you to feel calm and at ease. Find the right candles that smell the best to you & use them throughout your entire flat in Thrissur.

Get some plants

Add some greenery to your flat if you’re looking to make it a healthier place. Apart from purifying the air of your apartment, they can also create a warm, inviting ambience to your home. Owning many plants also helps you to destress while taking care of them. Plants are definitely among the things that make an apartment ideal for healthy living! So, get your favorite plants, and start taking care of them on a daily basis.

These are only some of the things that make an Apartment ideal for Healthy Living. Buy your flats in Thrissur from Vishraam Builders, top builders in Thrissur and start living a healthier lifestyle!

Ways to live more sustainably

Reduce, reuse, recycle are the three words reverberating in your mind when you think of sustainable living! Living more sustainably can make a big impact on our planet! Resources like clean air, food and water are becoming scarce nowadays. Greenhouse gas emissions have increased pollution levels. If we continue to consume resources at an unsustainable rate both people and nature will face severe consequences.

Finding ways to live more sustainably should be our top priority. Check out these green living ideas from Vishraam Builders, leading builders and developers in Thrissur.

Reduce energy use

Try energy conservation in your house as part of sustainable living. Here are several simple ways to reduce your energy use:

  • Turn off appliances that you’re not using.
  • Check out the star rating and install energy-efficient appliances.
  • Use a programmable thermostat that lowers or raises the temperature for your home Geyser.
  • Open windows to allow the breeze to come in instead of turning on the AC.
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFLs.

Reduce water consumption

Saving water also leads to a sustainable lifestyle! Invest in a good
filtration system. Keep refillable water bottles at home, in your car, and one at the office. When you’re washing dishes at the sink do not let the water run unnecessarily.

Many builders in Kerala like Vishraam Builders are constructing residential projects with rain water harvesting & water conservation. Recycled water from kitchens and bathrooms are used for watering garden plants.

Gardening at home

You should try growing your own veggies! Start a small vegetable garden in a corner of your yard. Even a container on your porch or windowsill will do. You can grow edible herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Organic waste from your home can be used to create a green fertilizer.

Say no to plastic shopping bags

Use your reusable bag when you go shopping. The amount of plastic shopping bags that land up in the landfills and oceans are polluting our mother earth. You can do your bit towards saving your planet by taking your own reusable bag for shopping.

Buy eco-friendly stuff to decorate

You can buy eco-friendly things like Cotton furnishings, Coir or Jute mats to apply sustainable living to your home decor as well! Before purchasing anything for your home, question yourself how often you are going to use it. If it’s just once or twice, then think about options like renting.

Resell and donate items

You can give an extended life to items that you no longer need through resale and donation.

Buy organic, local or both

Try to use locally produced foods and organic ones in your cuisine. Cooking at home is more budget friendly and also you can avoid the packaging waste as well.

Buy your flats or villas in Thrissur from Vishraam Builders, the most eco-friendly builders and developers in Thrissur. Book now!

Things to do when you close your home loan

Buying a home is the biggest financial investment for most homebuyers. You can avail a home loan for buying a flat. You can clear your loan even before its tenure. However, there are certain things you can do when you close your home loan to avoid problems in future. This insight is brought to you by Vishraam Builders, eminent builders of apartments in Thrissur.

Get original documents released

Once you clear the debt to the bank, they will release all the original documents of your flat, including the sale deed and the mother deed. Do make sure that all the documents submitted to the bank are returned and are in proper order. The bank will not take responsibility after that.


The NOC or a no-objection certificate is issued by the bank or the lender stating that it does not have any interest in the property after the loan is closed. Ensure that the NOC clearly mentions your name and address, home loan account number, date of loan closure, etc. Do get a clause inserted that the property is debt-free.

Update the CIBIL score

Get the bank officials to update your CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Ltd) score after the loan is repaid.

Get lien removed on property from registrar office

Banks often create a lien which is registered in the registrar office. This prevents the loan borrower from selling the property. After loan closure, ask the bank official to get it removed.

Procure legal clearance certificate from lawyer

It’s only optional that you get a legal clearance certificate from a reputed lawyer.

Apply for new encumbrance certificate

You can apply for a fresh encumbrance certificate in the Registrar Office for your apartment after the loan has been prepaid and the lien, if any cleared from your property.

Keep a detailed track of loan repayments

Keep a track of bank statements which reflect your loan EMI and the photocopy of any pre-payment done in a lump sum amount. This is an evidence to prove that the loan was paid and that you’re the absolute owner of the property.

Collect post-dated cheques

Take back the security cheques given to the bank as security when you started the loan and destroy them to prevent misuse.

After paying all installments and outstanding dues, write a letter to the bank requesting a return of the original documents or copies needed. Within 7 or 10 days, the bank will return your original documents and issue a closure letter. It will also give an NOC which needs to be taken to the Registrar’s Office to get the lien removed in the presence of a bank representative. If the mortgage is not registered, the bank will simply return the title deeds.

We hope this list of things you can do when you close your home loan has been helpful for you. Check out flats for sale in Thrissur by Vishraam Builders and buy your dream home. Book now!

How to balance comfort and style in your home

Your home – your sanctuary should be an oasis of comfort! It should be stylish as well! When you are thinking of designing the home you live in, you should plan on achieving a proper blend of an exciting style and a relaxing environment. This can be quite a challenge but not an impossible task. With these tips from Vishraam Builders, eminent builders in Kerala, on how to balance comfort and style in your home, you can go about it confidently.

Buy elegant but comfortable furniture

While shopping for furniture for your house, it is highly recommended to keep comfort on top of all your priorities. Furniture should be relaxing and enjoyable to use more than being luxurious, modern, or cool or it is a waste. Nowadays there is plenty of choice to find elegant, yet snug and affordable furniture.

Design according to your aesthetic sense

Perfect interior design of your home need not merely be an act of filling out space with trendy decor and furniture. You should invest your money on your choice rather than what others want because ultimately you are the one going to be living here.

Think before you plan to decorate

Before you begin decorating your apartment, take in the feel of each nook and corner of your house, think of how you would want the space to be filled, utility, which colors will bring relaxation etc. Share your ideas with your interior decorator for designing your place. Transitional styling or a combination of both modern and traditional style can be used to create a warm, cozy, and well-furnished home. You can focus on integrating straight and clean lines, using warm neutrals like tans and chocolate browns. Wooden decor adds flair to your space by mixing vintage or trendy style statements.

Greenery at home

Keeping greenery in the home brings positive energy, character, and beauty to any space. Plants bring in the refreshing retro look and feel to the home. Consider cascading them from hanging pots or plant them in side-table beautiful pots.

Quality furnishings in soft fabric

Ensure you select the right kind of soft, and comfy fabric for your sofa and cushions. Cotton slipcovers over the pillows, ottoman, and throws add style in our homes. Similarly, you can go for a very soft, stylish, and stripped rug on the floor. This will not only give a burst of grandeur to your room, but will also feel as if you are walking on the very clouds themselves.

We believe that with these few intelligent tips on how to balance comfort and style in your home, both comfort and style can be successfully achieved for a home with a little bit of effort. Vishraam Builders with the backing of 19 years of excellence ensure on-time delivery of flats for sale in Thrissur. Book your flats in Thrissur with us and get more out of your home!

Top Benefits of Investing and living in Thrissur

Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala has always been a hot favourite of home buyers thanks to the rich cultural diversity, the friendly nature of people and the picturesque environs. Top builders in Kerala like Vishraam Builders compete to build apartment and villa projects here.

Thrissur has become a hotspot for premium housing based on many factors. From high-rise apartments to gated villa communities, accommodation for tourists & pilgrims, Thrissur is also one of the best places for living after retirement as you can live close to nature.Thrissur has several construction projects going on. If you are also planning to invest in real estate in Thrissur better check out these top Benefits of investing & living in Thrissur brought to you by Vishraam Builders, the most eco friendly builders in Thrissur.


Thrissur is a famous tourist destination with beautiful greenery around. There are many stunning and adventurous sites nearby like the Peechi dam, Athirappilly Waterfalls and Vilangankunnu. The elephant sanctuary of Punnathur Kotta in Guruvayur is also one of the most-visited places for tourists. Thrissur is also famous for its temples like Guruvayur Temple, Vadakkunnathan temple, etc. which are visited by several pilgrims all through the year. The vibrant festival of Thrissur Pooram is a major crowd puller in Thrissur. All these factors lead to the fact that Thrissur is a perfect destination to invest and many people are buying apartments in Thrissur to offer as tourist & pilgrim accommodation.

The best of Lifestyle Amenities

Thrissur has a perfect blend of nature and the modern lifestyle! Reputed builders in Thrissur like Vishraam Builders are building Villas and Flats in Thrissur with excellent floor plans & great amenities and facilities. The flats are in good locations near to the best of shopping & food destinations for a contemporary lifestyle. Top educational institutions like the Medical College, Engineering colleges & reputed schools are a major draw.


When it comes to connectivity Thrissur does not lag behind! Thrissur has excellent connectivity through air, through the 3 airports:

  • Kochi Airport: 58 km
  • Kozhikode Airport: 80 Km
  • Coimbatore Airport: 115 Km

The Thrissur Railway Station is a major stop for trains passing through Kerala. Apart from that Thrissur is well-connected to all the major parts of Kerala via roads as well.

Easy to Buy and Sell

The property rates in Thrissur are incredibly affordable. For investment purposes buying apartments in Thrissur will prove to be a wise decision. You can get fabulous returns on the capital if you wait for a few years and sell as in the coming years, the rates are bound to increase. Besides renting out is also a profitable option where you can get good rents monthly.

After checking out all these top benefits of investing & living in Thrissur you can find that investing in flats in Thrissur can be to your advantage. Make a wise purchase or investment decision & buy flats for sale in Thrissur now from Vishraam Builders. With 19 years of excellence Vishraam Builders ensure on-time delivery of flats & villas to achieve total customer satisfaction.

Tips for making down payment for your Home

A home is your haven to relax! A reflection of your personality and a symbol of social status and accomplishment. Being one of the biggest decisions in one’s life, you’ve to tread carefully. It involves a huge amount and needs meticulous planning.

Earlier buying a home was done by those in their middle age after saving up for years over their working life and that too after providing for children’s education, marriage etc. But today, people in their 30’s and even late 20’s want their own home early. You can buy a home early in your life by taking a home loan. But you need to pay a down payment (a minimum of 10%) before you go for a loan. Any delay in down payment means delay in purchasing your villa or flat. As property prices are rising day by day, the delay gets even costlier.

Here’re some tips for making down payment for your Home from Vishraam Builders, the most eco friendly builders of villas & flats in Thrissur.

Build a fund out of your savings

Try accumulating funds for your down payment from your savings. Start to save early in life and build a corpus fund. In the initial years of your career, you may consider investing in high-return investments like equity then you can transfer the funds to safer investments like fixed deposits. Making a budget & monitoring your monthly spends can pay off in the future.

Consider a proportionate release loan

For new construction projects promoted by reputed developers like Vishraam Builders, select lenders have an option which lets you make your down payment in small portions over time rather than one large lump sum. As the construction can take years to complete, you may make your down payment periodically reducing your burden.

Loan against LIC or PF

Taking loans against your life insurance policies or provident fund can be taken into consideration as a flat or villa is a long-term asset. You may repay this loan over time with your savings.

Borrow from family and friends

This can be done as a last resort, but it could be a sensitive issue.

Down payment for your home is indispensable. You may opt for a small or large down payment for your flat or villa as per your affordability. Here are the pros and cons of making a large down payment:


  • You own a larger equity in the property
  • Lesser dependence on borrowed funds.
  • Lower loan amount and lesser interest rate.
  • Quicker Loan approval
  • Cost savings


  • Lower liquidity as funds get locked up for long term
  • Lower tax benefits
  • Lesser money for the initial expenses like furniture and consumer durables, repairs and renovation, etc.

To know more on buying flats or villas in Thrissur, get in touch with us at Vishraam Builders, who ensure on-time delivery of residential and commercial buildings to achieve total customer satisfaction.