Is Home Insurance Really Worth It?

Your home is most probably the largest financial and emotional investment that you will ever make. A lot of saving, planning and research go into its ownership. Which is all the more reason why you would want to keep it safe from every kind of mishap.

Most people are so overwhelmed by the legal processes involved in buying a home that they tend to overlook another important aspect called home insurance. And then there are those who are even skeptical about the worthiness of even investing in home insurance even!

Any kind of damage to the home and built-up property attached to it can become damaged, whether by miscreants or natural calamities. It can lead to huge financial setback and burn a big hole in your pocket for repairs. And with climate changes and floods and fires happening rampantly across the globe, home insurance becomes critical in safeguarding you from property loss. Most insurance companies are offering comprehensive home insurance packages that include the home building structure as well as belongings and valuables kept therein.

Comprehensive Home Insurance

Comprehensive home insurance policy safeguards you from calamities such as storms, lightening, fire, earthquakes, floods, landslides and inundation. Depending on where you live and your lifestyle, you can also choose from other add-on coverages that include damage caused by miscreants or terrorists, burglaries, breakdown of appliances and equipment, accident coverage for family or pet, etc.

With an increase in incidences of natural calamities and crime, its wiser to spend a little money annually on home insurance rather than spending a small fortune on repairs. Read on to know more:

Nominal Cost

Cost of home insurance policies aren’t expensive, even though the sum insured is so much higher. An example is a home insured for Rs.40lakhs can cost you as little as Rs.2000 per year! And if you opt for a comprehensive policy that also covers the contents of your home, your premium would be just around Rs.5000 per year.

Extensive Coverage Options

With an insurance policy, the protection is not just for your home, but also for other outbuildings such as your garage, sundeck, shed and even your boundary wall or fence! And you can add-on the contents of your home including furniture, appliances and electronics. However, do remember to keep the bills of purchase of insured items carefully, in case of claims.

Protection From Lawsuits

Interestingly enough, some home insurance policies can also protect you from property related lawsuits. You could avail protection from lawsuits which could arise from your accidently damaging the property of another person. In such a case, you need not worry as your home insurance would cover you. Likewise, it would also cover the medical expenses of a visitor who gets injured on your property.

Financial Security

Having home insurance provides financial security for your losses. And depending on the policy you have opted for, you can even get replacement of your lost insured belongings, instead of just money. However, you will need to keep the bills of all your insured items for claim purposes.
Natural Disasters – Repairing your house from natural calamities can be very draining, both financially and emotionally. This is when home insurance comes in handy as they take care of the expenses.

Peace of Mind

Above everything else, you get to enjoy the luxury of peace of mind when your home is insured! And this stands true, whether your home is an apartment, villa or stand-alone bungalow. Just select a home insurance policy that suits your needs, pay the premium and enjoy freedom from worry!

Hence getting your home insured isn’t just an option, but a necessity for keeping your beloved home safe! For those investing in Vishraam homes in Thrissur area, rest assured that you don’t have much to worry about. These homes are built responsibly with earthquake-resistant designs and in carefully chosen locations that aren’t prone to flooding.

With the experience of over 21 years and 44+ projects plus and more than 2000 happy customers, Vishraam builders are a name to reckon with when it comes to building quality apartments and villas in and around Thrissur. Equipped with the best in comfort, quality and amenities, our spacious residential projects are worth aspiring for!

How to Decide If an Apartment is Right for You

Whether it’s finding the right life-partner or finding the right apartment for yourself, you will have to put in your maximum effort and be very vigilant and dedicated in your search. You need to have a very clear idea of what all features and facilities you want in your home and search accordingly. There will also be a lot of questions to ask and a lot of information to go through before you can finalize on just the right apartment. All the specifics are important, notwithstanding whether you’re buying an apartment or renting one!

Finally, you should never be in a hurry when going home-shopping. It’s a very big investment and you should take your time to look for that perfect home for yourself which fulfills all your requirements. So, before you commit to an apartment, here are some suggestions to guide you towards making just the right choice:


When searching for the perfect apartment for yourself, you will need to decide on the locality you want to live in first. Buying in a locality in the heart of the city might result in your having to deal with traffic issues and noise and air pollution associated with such areas. Look for an apartment in less congested areas that are well-connected to important localities and have access to good infrastructure.


You wouldn’t want to end-up with the wrong builder or an over-priced home, hence use the internet to do some much-needed research and ensure that you don’t get taken for a ride. An apartment is a substantial investment and you deserve to get value for your money.


Your ideal apartment should have easy access to important places such as bus stops and railway stations. It should also have quick proximity to schools and colleges, hospitals, shopping hubs and career hubs, etc. Having public amenities nearby would be an added boon too.


Your dream apartment home should be in a good neighborhood, an area where your kids would be safe walking back unaccompanied or an area where there are no rowdy bars or noise-emitting clubs. You should also ensure that your perfect apartment isn’t located in close proximity to polluting industries, garbage dumps or graveyards either.


If you are someone with a pet as part of the family, do check if the apartment society allows owners to keep pets in their homes. And in case you are someone who is allergic to cat or dog dander, you will need to find out first if pets are allowed into the building and save yourself from allergies in the process!
Security – While most apartment complexes come with some level of security and surveillance, you do need to enquire about the security features that come along with your dream apartment. While most modern apartments come with CCTV surveillance and manned gates, others come with features like video doorbells, digital locks, etc., to keep you feeling comfortable and safe!


Most apartments come with a string of lifestyle-enhancing amenities. Check if your apartment of choice comes with the amenities that are relevant to your family’s needs. These could include an air-conditioned gym, a clubhouse, swimming pool, kid’s playground, indoor game rooms, party halls, yoga deck, etc.

Car Park

Having access to your own designated covered car park is an essential commodity in apartment complexes. Do find out if the car parking is included in the apartment’s total bill or is at an extra cost.

For those looking for that perfect apartment to call a home, check out the Vishraam apartment projects located in and around Thrissur area. Thrissur is well-known as a culture-rich district that’s well-endowed with numerous business head offices as well as several premier educational institutions. It’s a magnet for homebuyers and award-winning developers like Vishraam builders have a number of elegant apartment projects here to choose from. With over 21 years of building experience across 45+ projects and more than 2000 happy customers, you shouldn’t need any more incentive to check out the Vishraam apartment projects. Additionally, every Vishraam project is built responsibly with minimal harm to the natural eco-system.

Offering transparent transactions and lifelong relationships, Vishraam builders are the most-preferred homebuilders in Thrissur. For those looking to buy apartments in Thrissur, check out a Vishraam apartment project today!

Tips to Reduce Home Loan Interest Rate

Everyone aspires to buy their dream home one day and its usually one of the most expensive ventures they ever make. Traditionally, a home loan is availed to pay for a larger chunk of the final cost. However, before taking a home loan, a number of factors need to be considered very carefully as this would have an impact on your monthly running expenses too.

Home loans are repaid back to the loaner bank in the form of EMIs (equated monthly instalments) that can stretch out to a maximum of 30 years depending on your income and repaying ability. A well-managed home loan can make all the difference between an achievable goal or a possible loss of your home. Since home loans come with impactful interest rates, you need to first look around for a bank that is reliable and offers decent interest rates. High interest rates mean more EMIs paid out. Availing of home loans also gives you a bouquet of tax benefits which are beneficial in the long run.

Some of the factors to keep in mind while applying for a home loan are your eligibility depending on your income, repayment capacity, CIBIL score and cost of home loan including administration fee, processing fee, prepayment fee, etc. To avoid putting stress on your monthly budget, you need to plan out your home loan carefully. Here is a look at some tips to help reduce your payable home loan interest rate:

Research Online

Before settling on a loaner bank, research online for the best interest loans offered by standard banks or NBFCs. Even a variation of 0.5% in interest rate can make a significant impact on the total cost of your home. There are some websites that can give you greater clarity with a comparative study of different loaner banks.

Larger Down Payment

Most banks require you to make a down payment of anything between 10-20% of the total value of your home while they provide the remaining 80-90% of the financing. However, if you make a larger down payment, you will have to take a smaller loan amount. This way, you will end up paying lower on interests too.

Shorter Loan Tenure

When taking a loan, choose a shorter loan repayment tenure. This will ensure that your overall interest payable comes down significantly. You will end up paying more interest if you go for longer tenures of 25-30 years. Going with shorter of 10-15 years will mean larger EMIs, but lower interests paid out.


Another smart way of bringing down the total interest paid is by making frequent prepayments, especially during the early years of your home loan. Bringing down the principal amount borrowed means lower paid on a larger sum, hence prepayments make a good option. Do note that floating rate loans do not incur extra charges on prepayments, unlike fixed interest rates which attract a certain percentage.


If you have been a responsible borrower and have a good credit history and a CIBIL score above 700, you have higher chances of being offered lowered interest rates on your home loan. Aside from that, you can also wait for festive deals when rates might be lower to apply for a home loan.

Heavier EMIs

Some banks allow borrowers to revise their EMIs. So, in case you have had a promotion and have more income to spare for your monthly installments, increasing your EMI amounts would result in shorter tenures and less total interest paid out; this is because your loan amount would come down significantly. Do check with your bank if they offer this facility.

With interest rates on home loans at an all-time low, this is the best time to take a home loan and buy a home. For those on the lookout to buy flats in Thrissur, you must check out the delightful apartments and villa projects offered by Vishraam builders. Having been in the business of building quality homes for over 21 years and with the dedicated experience of 44+ projects, Vishraam builders have over 2000 happy customers to vouch for their homes! Each project is built responsibly with minimal cost to the environment, and comes with green living features, aside from a plethora of lifestyle-enhancing amenities.

Come have a look at any of our projects today, and you will surely fall in love with them!

Home Buying Tips for Young Home Buyers

When you get your first job, go on your first date or spend your first salary, it’s a euphoric moment, a significant point in time that you won’t forget easily. The first home you buy also brings on similar feelings, an unforgettable moment in your lifetime. However, since buying a home involves a substantial amount of financing and is a long-term investment and a source of financial stability, you do need to go about the process in a very careful and planned manner.

For young homebuyers who want to buy apartments in Thrissur, there are a variety of exciting and contemporary-styled homes to choose from. Thrissur is home to numerous high-end businesses, premium educational institutions, an emerging IT hub and a thriving multi-dimensional culture. All this and more makes Thrissur one of the best places to buy a home. But first, you will need to understand all the different aspects of investment. Factors such as location, budget, home loan, builder, amenities, connectivity, etc., all need to be taken into consideration before finalizing on your dream home. Here’s a look at some important tips for young homebuyers to consider before investing:


There are a variety of homes available in Thrissur, and they all come with widely varying prices. Hence, before deciding on which home to buy, you will need to decide on your budget first. Knowing how much money you can afford to invest in a home will help you figure out whether to go for a high-end villa, a luxury apartment or a budget flat. Since a home loan is traditionally taken to pay for your dream home, you need to consider your financial commitments too and be comfortable enough to use 40% or less of your monthly salary for repayment of EMIs over a period of 15-30 years.

Home Loan

Since homes are expensive purchases, most people end up taking the assistance of a home loan to tide over the cost. However, before settling on a bank for your home loan, you need to research around and check which bank is offering the lowest interest rates. Even a 0.25% lower interest rate can result in substantial savings on your loan. Aside from the interest rate, there is the processing fees, loan tenure, loan amount, floating and fixed interest rates, bank reputation, etc., to consider too.


Once you have cleared up the financial issues, your focus needs to shift to the location for your first home. Cost of homes vary substantially in accordance with their location. Homes closer to the city center cost more than those in the suburbs. Other than the cost, you need to factor in its neighborhood, available and upcoming infrastructure, ease of connectivity to important places like your place of work, accessibility to good schools as well as good hospitals and shopping centers.

Type of Home

Most cities are expanding vertically more than horizontally. The type of home you buy will depend on the budget you have. Depending on the number of members in your family, including the kids you are expecting, you can plan for 2, 3 or even 4BHK homes. Aside from this, you will need to choose between villas, flats or apartment homes. And then there is the luxury factor. The more luxurious your home, the more it’s expected to cost. Plan on a home that takes consideration of all these features.


And then you will need to decide on the amenities that are important to you and your family’s needs. Most contemporary apartments come with unisex gyms, swimming pools, kid’s playgrounds, clubhouse, etc. Go with homes that offer the amenities necessary for your lifestyle.

Finally, the builder of your home matters a lot too. Always go with reputed builders to ensure you are buying a quality home. Vishraam builders are the top developers in Thrissur and well-known for their magnificent projects spread out in and around the district.

Vishraam builders have been in the business of constructing quality homes for well over two decades and come with the experience of having built 45+ residential projects and over 2000 happy families! Trust and transparency are a legacy here and go hand-in-hand with responsible building practices that ensure the least harm to the natural ecosystem.

When you buy a Vishraam home, you buy into a legacy of trust and happiness!

Guruvayur – The Best Location for Your Investment

Guruvayur (also spelt as Guruvayoor) is a rustic town located in the suburbs of Thrissur district. It holds religious and cultural significance for people as well as serving as a tourism destination. With 6 to 10 million people visiting this quaint town every year, Guruvayur is growing rapidly with many new infrastructural projects coming up in different parts of the town. Aside from new roads and building constructions, many government and non-government organizations are setting up new projects here too.

With so much going for it, Guruvayur is expanding rapidly, offering great opportunities for investing in homes. There are numerous flats for sale in Guruvayur for those who want to be the early investors. The growth climate here means that the early bird gets the worm, and in this case, it is the apartments in Guruvayur that are under consideration for investment.


Located in Kerala state which is on the world map for its tourism destinations, natural beauty as well as excellent infrastructural growth, Guruvayur is also riding on the same wave. This verdant town is also witnessing growth in almost every sector and is bound to become a major destination in the coming few years. People of all ages and walks of life are investing in apartments in Guruvayoor as this town has great potential.

Guruvayur is well-known for its peaceful and crime-free society, a place where all infrastructure is in place to make life comfortable for its citizens. It is also a popular tourist destination with numerous features of interest for all genre of people. There are excellent schools, hospitals and supermarkets available here, and an administration that ensures that the infrastructure is kept in smooth working order.

Since Guruvayur is a major pilgrimage center, there are greater gains in investing in properties here, especially in some of the luxury flats in Guruvayur. Here is a look at why you too should invest in some of these luxury apartments in Guruvayur:

Pilgrimage center

Guruvayur is home to the famous Sri Krishna Guruvayur temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is sometimes also referred to as the ‘Dwarka of South India’. The town is well-known as a cultural and religious center and home to a number of temples as well as a church of great significance. Known as the Palayur church and believed to have been set-up by St Thomas himself in 52 AD, this is an important pilgrimage hotspot for Christian believers too. Having your own home here close to where your beliefs are centered, is a big luxury indeed. Aside from that, flats in Guruvayur are great for rental too, with so many pilgrims always flocking here.

Excellent connectivity

Guruvayur enjoys effective connectivity by road, rail and air. Some of the best flats in Guruvayur are well-connected to important roads and highways going towards different parts of the country. Guruvayur also has its own railway station connecting its residents to other states. The closest airport is the Cochin International airport 72km away.

Rapid growth

Guruvayur has been witnessing rapid growth in apartment and flat projects, with the real estate sector booming over the last few years. The town is witnessing rapid vertical expansion, and those who invest early in the apartments for sale in Guruvayur, are bound to reap higher benefits.

Excellent location

With very low crime rates, low noise and air pollution and greater ease-of-living, Guruvayur is the best place to invest into homes. An effective infrastructure and easy availability of amenities further make Guruvayur a very viable option for investment.

Numerous options

You will also find a wide array of luxury apartments to budget apartments available here for every pocket size. Some of the best builders in Guruvayur have their apartment and flat projects here too.

For those interesting in invested in some of the best flats in Guruvayur, Vishraam builders have a number of elegant homes available. Well-known as being among the best builders in Guruvayur, Vishraam builders have over 21 years of building experience and 2000+ happy customers to prove it. Having delivered over 45 incredible projects, Vishraam builders offer ‘The Aanandita’ apartment project featuring 70 units of thoughtfully-designed 1 and 2 BHK apartments. Located adjacent to the Mammiyoor temple, this is a dream project that epitomizes community lifestyles.

Come have a look at them yourself and you will be sure to love them too!

Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

Global climate change is very real and not a myth as thought of by some. The world is heating up and deviant weather patterns can be felt everywhere. Summers are getting hotter and air condition (AC) sales are booming! However, constant use of the AC does drive up your electricity bill and lead to greenhouse gas emissions too, which are harmful to the environment.

Aside from depending on the AC, there are numerous other ways to keep your home cool during the hot summers. Here’s a look at some tips on cooling without raising your bills or being unkind to mother earth:

Cross ventilation

Keep your doors and windows open, especially during the evenings when the cooler breeze is blowing. The free flow of air will drive out the hot air locked within your home and drive in cooler air to make the indoors more bearable. However, you will need to ensure that there is mosquito netting in place to prevent entry of unwanted mosquitoes!

Block out the sun

Even with windows closed, the window pane can get heated up and emit heat into the room. To prevent this from happening, keep your curtains closed, especially on east and west-facing windows. You could even use thick and dark block-out curtains during the daytime to shield your home from the scorching sun.

Create the shade effect

Villa dwellers can easily install awnings over their windows and prevent the sun hitting them directly. This will prevent the window panes from warming up and radiating warmth indoors. Alternatively, you can grow tall trees close to the windows or plant tall potted plants or creepers to create diffused light over the windows.

Go with natural fabrics

Natural cotton fabrics breathe and are best used during the hot summer days. Cotton can not only be used for clothing, but also as bedsheets, upholstery, cushion covers, etc., during hotter days. Unlike synthetic materials, cotton doesn’t trap heat and is ideal for keeping the body cool.

De-clutter your space

A cluttered home feels more claustrophobic during the hot summer days. For that cooler effect where the air can move unhindered, get rid of unnecessary furnishing or other accessories that could trap heat. Carpets are another no-no during the summer as they trap heat. Consider using cotton or jute rugs if you can’t keep your floors bare during hotter weather.

Seal gaps

To ensure that the cooler rooms retain their coolness, do check for gaps around the doors or windows. Use draught excluders to seal up any gaps and prevent loss of cool air.

Pastel colors

Dark colors tend to absorb heat while lighter colors, especially white, tend to reflect off heat. Keep this fact in mind next time you are painting your walls. Go with light-colored or white walls that are smooth and bounce back heat and light. You could also consider using light shades or pastel shades of your favorite colors as they will not retain much heat.

Change your bulbs

Would you believe that your light bulbs also contribute towards warming of your indoor temperatures! For those having problems with keeping their home cool, consider changing your bulbs to LED or CFL bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. They don’t produce much heat and bring down your electricity consumption too, as they are energy-saving fixtures.

Add greenery

Plants are not only a balm to the eyes, but improve the aesthetics of your home too. More important is that plants act as natural air coolers as they cool down your home through the process of transpiration! So, splurge out on indoor plants and cool down your indoor temperatures too!

And for those of you planning on buying a new home, check out the villas, apartments and flats in Thrissur by Vishraam builders that come with thoughtfully-designed features to keep your indoor temperatures down. Aside from features like cross ventilation, these homes by Vishraam builders follow green building protocols that ensure minimal wastage of energy or disturbance of the environment.

Vishraam builders are the recipients of numerous awards and accolades and have been in the business of building elegant homes for over 21 years. And we have the smiles of 2000+ happy customers to prove it! Come visit a Vishraam project for yourself today and you will be bowled over!

Tips for Pooja Room Designs in Apartments

Prayer and spirituality are a part of every person’s life and a pooja room completes this picture. This is why you need to plan carefully for your pooja room in apartment homes where utilization of space is planned judiciously. Your pooja room doesn’t necessarily have to take up an entire room, but can also be in a corner of the living room, a shelf or even within a cupboard. The important thing to keep in mind is its location and function.

Basic features

The prayer area should ideally be facing the auspicious north, east or north-eastern directions. It should also be away from negative energy areas such as under the staircase or close to the bathroom. The pooja area should also be painted in serene colors such as pastel shades of blue, yellow or white. Dark colors should be completely avoided in this area, including on the floor as they inculcate negative, brooding energies which are contrary to a prayer room. An ideal puja room should be bright, preferably come with white marble flooring and offer enough space for the whole family to pray together.

Some of the features to focus on when designing your pooja room include its use of space and colors, the direction its facing, the area needed, as well as a design that goes with your personality. Now that you have the basics out of the way, its time to have a look at some pooja room design ideas in apartments:

Shelf pooja rooms

Depending on your unique space needs for keeping your idols, prayer books and pooja paraphernalia, you can choose to go with shelves or ledges. Instead of placing décor items, you simply place your prayer things instead. These shelves can be custom-built, low or mid-height level or wide or narrow, depending on your space needs. Shelf pooja spaces ensure enough standing or sitting floor spaces during prayer.

Pooja room

Creating a pooja space within your apartment’s living room is another excellent option. Just ensure that you use a different décor style to demarcate it from the rest of the room. Make your pooja room stand out by giving it a personality of its own; make a wooden or brass outline for a rustic appeal.

Wall Pooja room

You can use an entire wall or part of a wall to create your pooja space too. There is space enough to give it religious vibes and make it look outstanding, both as a pooja room as well as for its style quotient. Choose to go with light shades of color to distinguish it from other parts of your home.

Corner pooja room

The best way to create a private pooja room in apartments is by designating a corner space as your pooja room. It should ideally have low footfall to ensure privacy and peace for your morning or evening devotional times. Do keep in mind Vastu directions for optimal benefits of your prayer space.

Cupboard pooja rooms

Just like you have cupboards for storing your household stuff, you should designate a cupboard and convert it into your pooja space. Get creative with the cupboard flaps and create an aesthetic-looking design. With a cupboard puja space, you have the advantage of loads of space for keeping all your things – and its private.

Wall mounted pooja room

There are different designs and sizes of wall-hanging pooja mandirs available out there. Choose the size, design and style that best goes with your home décor and personality. You can keep all your pooja items in one place without any hassles either. Wall mounted pooja spaces are ideal for apartments as they don’t hog up essential floor space.

For those looking to buy apartments in Thrissur by Vishraam builders, you can be sure that you will find beautifully-designed homes that provide ample options for setting up your pooja rooms. With more than 21 years of experience of constructing over 45 projects, Vishraam builders have a highly experienced team of engineers, architects and interior designs to create apartments that fulfill all your needs – including a pooja room. Aside from being one of the most-trusted builders in Kerala and winner of many awards, Vishraam also have 2000+ happy customers too!

Come have a look at Vishraam projects, and you will surely fall in love again!

Factors to Consider When Buying Your New Home in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought its share of havoc on the world and left many changes in its wake. It has changed the perception as far as owning a house of one’s own is concerned and people have become more aware of having the security of a roof of their own. Not only that, people who were happy living life as renters are now seeing the merits of being a homeowner as also as being an investor – with the prevailing real estate market conditions.

What is even more interesting is that a good chunk of the people interested in buying homes now are millennials. They do not see any value in waiting further to buy a home, not with the existing positive market scenario. Some millennials are even buying homes as investments and taking full advantage of the ideal market situation. Having said that, buying a home isn’t such an easy task and involves a multi-step process of checking through numerous aspects and details. Since it’s a money-intensive venture, and one that’s expected to last through the buyer’s lifetime, a lot of research and planning goes into the whole process. For those looking to buy a new villa, flat or apartment in Thrissur in 2022, here are a list of factors you need to keep in mind for this big-time purchase:


As always, location is the most important feature to keep in mind when buying a home. The ideal location should be a place that’s not too close to the city center and has the potential to grow further in the coming years. This would automatically mean that the value of your home would go up with time too. Aside from the this, do ensure that the location of your dream flat in Thrissur is in a good neighborhood without any pollution-emitting industries around.


Before buying a home, do ensure that you have sufficient funds to make a down-payment for your dream home as well as a steady income to make you eligible for taking a home loan. A steady income is also needed to take care of monthly EMIs too. With low interest rates on home loans, this is the best time to avail of a home loan!


An ideal location for your home should also have good existing infrastructure and more upcoming in the near future too. All this will enhance the value of your home over time. Check that the home has excellent road connectivity without any traffic snarls blocking the area either. Ensure that there is easy accessibility of basic utilities, bus stops and social infrastructure like hospitals, malls, career hubs and educational institutions.

Carpet area

Don’t fall for the old trick employed by some dubious builders who try to make you pay for the common areas too along with the carpet area of your flat. As per regulations, the builder can only charge you for the square footage within the walls of your home, and not the built-up or super built-up areas.

Gated communities

The current trend is to buy apartments within gated communities. This ensures safety within a walled or fenced compound as well as 24×7 security and surveillance. Along with this, you also get access to a plethora of lifestyle amenities fit for the whole family. These could include manicured gardens, swimming pools, gyms, party halls, kids play parks, game courts or indoor games rooms.

Builder reputation

To enjoy a hassle-free life after buying your home, choose a builder with an excellent reputation for transparent transactions, clear and above-board paperwork, along with long years of building experience.

For those looking to buy a flat in Thrissur, check out the projects by one of the most-trusted developers in Thrissur – Vishraam builders – recipient of numerous awards. With over 21 years of building experience and 2000+ happy customers, Vishraam builders should be your ideal choice when going house-hunting. What’s more, every Vishraam home is built responsibly, with minimal disturbance to the local environment and a focus on reusing, recycling and restoring nature.

With the numerous Vishraam projects in and around Thrissur, there will definitely be a Vishraam villa, flat or apartment that will appeal to you in its totality!

7 Important Things to Ask a Real Estate Builder Before Buying a Flat in Guruvayur

While people buy flats for different reasons, the fact remains that it is a big investment and you will need to move forward with precaution. Buying a flat could be for your dream home, or a source of secondary income or a future investment, whatever the reason, the actual process of buying is a multi-step procedure where you have to find the answers to some crucial questions. This would ensure there are no legal problems arising for you as a homeowner down the years.

Do your research and create a checklist to help you choose the right apartment and the right builder in Guruvayur. For the potential homebuyers wanting to buy a flat in Guruvayur, here is a look at some important details you need to ask your property builder about before proceeding with the sale:

Location – You need to know whether the locality is ideal for you and your family’s needs. Find out from your builder whether the project is located in a neighborhood with good infrastructure and if there are any other important facilities coming up in the area. You will also need to find out if the location offers easy connectivity to important places such as schools, colleges, hospitals, supermarkets, etc.

Actual size of the Property – You first need to educate yourself on the different type of property areas mentioned by the developer. These include the super built-up area, built-up area and the carpet area of the flat. As per RERA guidelines, the builder is only supposed to bill you according to the carpet area of your apartment. Get specific and ask your builder for the carpet area of your dream apartment in Guruvayur.

Actual Cost of Property – As there are many other costs involved in the buying of luxury apartments in Guruvayur, you will need to ask your builder for a breakdown. Find out about all the other things you will be paying for aside from the actual apartment cost; these could include parking fee, GST, preferred location charges, amenities charges, general facilities charges, etc.

Legal Documents – When buying an apartment, ask your builder for the legal documents and certificates related to the project. This would prevent any ownership hassles in the future. Some of these documents include:

• Title deed
• Local Municipal Corporation approval
• Building plan approval
• Commencement certificate
• Completion certificate
• Encumbrance certificate
• Tax receipts

Credibility of Builder – When looking for builders in Guruvayur, check out their previous projects or better still, check out the online reviews about them. This way you will know the exact shortcomings to ask the builder about. Go with builders who have their brand image to maintain and also have the experience of a number of projects behind them. Big brand builders are also known to incorporate transparent practices into their sale transactions.

Scheduled Delivery – When you are buying an under-construction luxury flat in Guruvayur, you need to find out the exact year and month your builder plans on scheduling the delivery or handover. Have the builder put it in writing so any delay can be reported to RERA for non-compliance by the builder.

Facilities and Amenities – The last feature to ask your builder about are the availability of amenities and facilities that are promised in the project brochure. The essential amenities to look for are lifts, car parking, power backup for the common areas, a fire alarm system as well as a garbage chute system. These will all add to ease of living and enhance your lifestyle. Other commonly available amenities could include a children’s play area, a party hall and a fully-equipped AC gym.

Provided you get fully satisfactory answers to all the above 7 questions, you are now ready to buy your dream luxury flat in Guruvayoor! For those looking for flats for sale in Guruvayoor, look no further than the projects by the best builders in Guruvayoor – Vishraam Builders!

With 21+ years of experience in building over 45 projects in and around Thrissur district and 2000+ happy homeowners, Vishraam Builders are the best builders in Guruvayur. Their happy customers are their best brand ambassadors They not only build homes keeping their clients in mind, but also build responsibly – conserving natural resources and minimizing waste generation and pollution.

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Eco-friendly Building Materials

With the world slowly waking up to the effects of climate change and the importance of sustainable living, the enthusiasm for using ‘green’, eco-friendly living materials is on the rise. By opting for eco-friendly materials for building or remodeling your home, you are reducing the negative impact of human beings on their environment. These eco-friendly materials can be used at all levels of construction, right from the foundation, down to the flooring, wall finishing, and even countertop materials.

With diminishing fossil fuels, there is a great need to reduce energy consumption as a strategy essential to survival. That’s why it’s important to turn towards eco-friendly materials that increase energy efficiency and reduce their negative impact on the environment, as well as on human well-being. There are a lot of materials in the market that are labeled as being ‘green’, but their environment friendliness is sometimes questionable. By choosing products that are made up of natural and renewable materials, as well as those that have recycled content, you are contributing towards lower carbon emissions as well as saving on energy usage.

With rising cost of fossil fuels, you will actually be saving on money too as the usage of eco-friendly materials reduces living costs by reducing energy usage for cooling, heating and lighting. Here is a look at some ways to build sustainably by using eco-friendly construction materials:

Recycled or Reclaimed Wood

Recycled wood has a lower impact on the environment and forests as compared to using fresh timber. Reclaimed wood can be used to create attractive wooden flooring, wall cladding or for exposed beams – creating an elegant and antique look. Cork is another renewable material that is basically the bark stripped from the Mediterranean oak tree. The bark renews itself quickly again and makes an eco-friendly and economy-friendly material that can be used for flooring.


Bamboo is a sustainable material that grows very fast. It’s basically not wood, but a grass that regrows again within five years. Bamboo is a very pliable eco-friendly building material that can be used in multiple ways in construction. It has a higher compressive strength than concrete, brick or wood and a tensile strength that matches steel!

Recycled Steel

Interestingly, steel is one of the most recycled materials globally and of great demand for structural use in construction. The steel reclaimed from 6 junk cars provides enough reclaimed steel to construct a 2000 sq ft home. By opting for recycled steel, you end up saving 75% on energy costs.

Precast Concrete

Concrete is the most widely used building material and is made-up of natural elements that can be recycled, thus making it the natural choice of material for building eco-friendly homes. Precast concrete is more eco-friendly as compared to concrete poured on-site. To make precast concrete, the concrete mix is poured into molds with steel bars/wires and then cured. Once its hardened, it is sent off to the construction site where it is placed into position.

Recycled Glass

To create an artistic special finishing, old glass can be pulverized and recycled for use in home and office buildings. Beautiful floor tiles, kitchen countertop materials as well as translucent wall bricks can all be crafted out of this recycled glass for a classy end-result.


There are a number of eco-friendly green alternative when it comes to roofing. You could go with cool clay tiles, which are all-natural and perfect for tropical climates where they keep the interiors cool (Clay tiles can be used for flooring too). Slate tiles are another natural option as they are chemical-free and use natural earth ore for its production. Fiber cement shingles or recycled metal roofing panels are some of the other natural elements that are entirely free of petrochemicals.

If you are looking for homes that are built responsibly and employ the use of eco-friendly materials, then go with villas and apartments built by Vishraam builders in key areas of Thrissur and its surroundings. Vishraam sets the benchmark in Kerala as far as conservation of natural resources, minimizing waste generation and pollution control are concerned. Every project lays emphasis on preventing adverse impacts on the environment as well as recycling, reusing and restoring nature and natural products in every possible way.

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