20 Years of excellence
44 Projects
2000+ satisfied customers
20 Years of excellence
44 Projects
2000+ satisfied customers

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  • Rainwater Harvesting Methods in Apartments

    rainwater harvesting -apartments in thrissur

    Water is the elixir of life and human existence just isn’t possible without it. Along with global climate changes, rainfall patterns are changing too. Urban areas with their ever-increasing population, are facing the effects of water shortages, especially during the dry season. To counter this, the government has ...

  • Apartment Safety Tips for Senior Citizens

    home safety tips for seniors - flats in thrissur

    The natural human aging process includes bone weakness, infirm joints and a weaker grip. All these can lead to senior citizens being at greater risks of falling or hurting themselves easily. The evolving family structure in India also means that the elderly are often left alone to fend for themselves.

    An impo...

  • Smart Homes: Things you should know before investing

    Smart Homes: Things you should know before investing

    Redefining luxury living are the Smart homes of today! Many real estate developers are revolutionising the concept of a home with luxurious intelligent living spaces that are energy efficient as well! Many residential projects now have their amenities and various functions with easy operation and which can be contro...

  • Apartment Gardening for Beginners

    Apartment Gardening for Beginners

    Urban gardening is a fad that has caught on nowadays! And you don’t have to live without plants just because you are living in an apartment! Agreed you don’t have the same convenience of a real garden but you can successfully grow plants in an apartment. Vishraam Builders, reputed builders of Villas and apartme...

  • How to check the construction quality of your home?

    How to check the construction quality of your home?

    A home in an unsafe building is not what you would want for your family to live. Nowadays when you hear of accidents happening like collapsing buildings you get afraid. So, if you are checking out villas or have already bought a villa watch out! Better to do a quality check just to be on the safer side.

    You w...

  • Things to keep in mind when investing in a Luxury Apartment

    Things to keep in mind when investing in a Luxury Apartment

    Buying a luxury flat is something you have always dreamt of! When you have reached a stage to be able to invest in a luxury apartment with all amenities, try to analyse and figure out if the property is worth the premium. There are certain things to keep in mind when investing in a luxury apartment. Top builders in ...

  • Things that make an Apartment ideal for Healthy Living

    Things that make an Apartment ideal for Healthy Living

    Healthy living means embracing wellness into your daily life! Living in an apartment that helps you to stay in tune with yourself & treat your body kindly is important. It helps you to get closer to any health goals you may wish to achieve for a healthy living style. Here is a list of some things that make an A...

  • Ways to live more sustainably

    Ways to live more sustainably

    Reduce, reuse, recycle are the three words reverberating in your mind when you think of sustainable living! Living more sustainably can make a big impact on our planet! Resources like clean air, food and water are becoming scarce nowadays. Greenhouse gas emissions have increased pollution levels. If we continue to c...

  • Things to do when you close your home loan

    Things to do when you close your home loan

    Buying a home is the biggest financial investment for most homebuyers. You can avail a home loan for buying a flat. You can clear your loan even before its tenure. However, there are certain things you can do when you close your home loan to avoid problems in future. This insight is brought to you by Vishraam Builde...

  • How to balance comfort and style in your home

    How to balance comfort and style in your home

    Your home – your sanctuary should be an oasis of comfort! It should be stylish as well! When you are thinking of designing the home you live in, you should plan on achieving a proper blend of an exciting style and a relaxing environment. This can be quite a challenge but not an impossible task. With these tips...

  • Top Benefits of Investing and living in Thrissur

    Top Benefits of investing & living in Thrissur

    Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala has always been a hot favourite of home buyers thanks to the rich cultural diversity, the friendly nature of people and the picturesque environs. Top builders in Kerala like Vishraam Builders compete to build apartment and villa projects here.

    Thrissur has become a hot...

  • Tips for making down payment for your Home

    Tips for making down payment for your Home

    A home is your haven to relax! A reflection of your personality and a symbol of social status and accomplishment. Being one of the biggest decisions in one’s life, you’ve to tread carefully. It involves a huge amount and needs meticulous planning.

    Earlier buying a home was done by those in their middle ag...

  • Benefits of taking a Joint Home Loan

    Benefits of taking a Joint Home Loan

    Planning to buy your dream home? Why not go for a joint home loan? It’ll help you to share your debt-burden and also allow you to get a higher loan amount. A joint loan can be taken by as many as six co-applicants.

    Who can be a joint applicant for a home loan?

    Joint home loans can be availed by an ...

  • All about RERA

    All about RERA

    Real estate sector in India has been riddled by fraudulent practices like false sale agreements, dubious delays in handing over properties, construction not as per building plans and more. Today things have become different and less troublesome. RERA (Real Estate Regulation and Development Act) has transformed the r...

  • Perfect strategy to safeguard your investments during a pandemic

    Perfect strategy to safeguard your investments during a pandemic

    Corona – the Pandemic has gripped the world! It is one of the most deadly diseases which is causing a huge number of deaths. The world economy has been affected badly & economists predict a recession has set in.

    Closures and retrenchments, salary cuts or delays in payout have become the recent tren...

  • Quick Tips: Baby-proofing your Home

    Quick Tips: Baby-proofing your Home

    Keeping your baby safe in your home should be your utmost priority! When the baby learns to crawl and walk it’s fun to watch your baby explore new things. There are many precautions you can do to keep your baby safe and still let him or her explore. Now the challenge is making sure your house is ready for your ba...

  • All you want to know about CREDAI

    All you want to know about CREDAI

    CREDAI or the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India is an organisation revolutionising the real estate sector of India! Established in 1999 CREDAI has been pursuing the cause of housing and habitat providers. Since inception, CREDAI has grown its membership base and today has more than 20,...

  • Why investing in Villas is a good idea?

    Indian Real estate market has changed for the better after the implementation of much-anticipated regulatory bills like GST and RERA. With more transparency in operations and clear-cut tax structures the property market has certainly picked up, causing potential home buyers to invest without hassles. Today’s trend...

  • 8 Tips to Nurture your indoor garden

    Tips to Nurture your indoor garden

    If you are owning a flat in Thrissur or a Flat in Guruvayur a beautiful indoor garden with healthy house plants is going to make you the envy of your friends and family! With a little expert guidance, you can create one. These are a few tips to nurture your indoor garden that will make you the envy of your family an...

  • Property Transfer – the Intricacies

    Property Transfer – the Intricacies

    The happiness of buying a house with your own earnings – nothing can match it! After months spent on searching, you zero in on a property and pour in your hard-earned money and lifelong savings in buying it. But it is not a bed of Roses! Most of us do not know about the essentials of property transfer – ...

  • How to check whether a property is mortgaged or not?

    How to check whether a property is mortgaged or not?

    Today there have been more instances of fraudulent real estate than ever before. Many cases have been registered where multiple loans have been sanctioned against the same property. How can you check whether the property you are going to buy has been mortgaged before?

    Here’s a guide from Vishraam Builders, ...

  • Building Construction Zones of Kerala

    Building construction zones of Kerala

    Kerala is a great place to live in terms of weather and good standards of living and most Keralites usually prefer to construct a house in Kerala, with some landscaped area around it. But recently, the trend is on apartment living and many builders in Thrissu...

  • Things you should check before buy an Apartment

    Planning to buy an apartment for residential purpose or as an investment option in the near future! Nowadays many apartment projects have come up in Thrissur & Guruvayur where builders are into providing top amenities in their projects. Lu...

  • Common mistakes to avoid while taking a Home Loan

    Buying a home is a lifetime dream for most people. Home loans take care of the financial liabilities associated with it to some extent for most people. B...

  • Benefits of Property Insurance

    Have you insured your property? If not, it’s time you did! With the rising costs of living increasing day by day, as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to protect your...

  • Home Automation for Smart Apartments

    Smart technology is ruling the home automation sector nowadays! Progressing from simple timer-regulated thermostats and keypad door-locks into...

  • Things you’ll need for your first home

    It is a moment of pride for anyone to move into his/her own home. If you are going to start living in flats in Thrissur or apartments in Guruvayur, how to setup the new home and where to start are questions you face when you set up y...

  • മഴക്കാലരോഗങ്ങൾക്കെതിരെയുള്ള പ്രതിരോധം

    ഋതുക്കളിൽ ഏറ്റവും ആസ്വാദ്യകരമായ ഒന്നാണ് മഴക്കാലം. ശരീരത്തിനും മനസ്സിനും കുളിരേകുന്ന ചാറ്റൽ മഴ മുതൽ ഇടവിടാ...

  • Waking up to The World Environment Day

    Earth is our home and environment is its roof. If we all do our small bit towards our environment we can undue the damage and create a healthier and greener world for the future generations.

    The World Environment Day is one of the best times to initiate efforts for a cleaner, greener planet no matter how smal...


    Real estate is one of the sunshine sectors of city of Thrissur’s economy. Land availability, image of a clean and green city, good law and order situation, presence of reputed educational institutions and tre...

  • History

    The start in 2001 was humble and our only guiding posts were that of transparency, commitment and service. Now, having traversed a decade and a half and completed 30 projects, our strict adherence to quality, transparency and continual customer service is what has brought us this far and still we remain humble.

  • Management

    Greetings from Vishraam,

    We believe in Excellence Every day, Every way. The journey over the last one and a half decades has been long, arduous, exhaustive and yet rewarding. It was well worth it, especially when we see the smiles and satisfa...

  • Policies

    Excelling continually by improving quality, reliability and service.

    Ensuring timely delivery of Residential and Commercial buildings to achieve customer satisfaction.

    Ensuring compliance to all applicable legal and other requirements.

    Preventing adverse environmental impacts and occupational he...

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