Factors to Consider When Buying Your New Home in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought its share of havoc on the world and left many changes in its wake. It has changed the perception as far as owning a house of one’s own is concerned and people have become more aware of having the security of a roof of their own. Not only that, people who were happy living life as renters are now seeing the merits of being a homeowner as also as being an investor – with the prevailing real estate market conditions.

What is even more interesting is that a good chunk of the people interested in buying homes now are millennials. They do not see any value in waiting further to buy a home, not with the existing positive market scenario. Some millennials are even buying homes as investments and taking full advantage of the ideal market situation. Having said that, buying a home isn’t such an easy task and involves a multi-step process of checking through numerous aspects and details. Since it’s a money-intensive venture, and one that’s expected to last through the buyer’s lifetime, a lot of research and planning goes into the whole process. For those looking to buy a new villa, flat or apartment in Thrissur in 2022, here are a list of factors you need to keep in mind for this big-time purchase:


As always, location is the most important feature to keep in mind when buying a home. The ideal location should be a place that’s not too close to the city center and has the potential to grow further in the coming years. This would automatically mean that the value of your home would go up with time too. Aside from the this, do ensure that the location of your dream flat in Thrissur is in a good neighborhood without any pollution-emitting industries around.


Before buying a home, do ensure that you have sufficient funds to make a down-payment for your dream home as well as a steady income to make you eligible for taking a home loan. A steady income is also needed to take care of monthly EMIs too. With low interest rates on home loans, this is the best time to avail of a home loan!


An ideal location for your home should also have good existing infrastructure and more upcoming in the near future too. All this will enhance the value of your home over time. Check that the home has excellent road connectivity without any traffic snarls blocking the area either. Ensure that there is easy accessibility of basic utilities, bus stops and social infrastructure like hospitals, malls, career hubs and educational institutions.

Carpet area

Don’t fall for the old trick employed by some dubious builders who try to make you pay for the common areas too along with the carpet area of your flat. As per regulations, the builder can only charge you for the square footage within the walls of your home, and not the built-up or super built-up areas.

Gated communities

The current trend is to buy apartments within gated communities. This ensures safety within a walled or fenced compound as well as 24×7 security and surveillance. Along with this, you also get access to a plethora of lifestyle amenities fit for the whole family. These could include manicured gardens, swimming pools, gyms, party halls, kids play parks, game courts or indoor games rooms.

Builder reputation

To enjoy a hassle-free life after buying your home, choose a builder with an excellent reputation for transparent transactions, clear and above-board paperwork, along with long years of building experience.

For those looking to buy a flat in Thrissur, check out the projects by one of the most-trusted developers in Thrissur – Vishraam builders – recipient of numerous awards. With over 21 years of building experience and 2000+ happy customers, Vishraam builders should be your ideal choice when going house-hunting. What’s more, every Vishraam home is built responsibly, with minimal disturbance to the local environment and a focus on reusing, recycling and restoring nature.

With the numerous Vishraam projects in and around Thrissur, there will definitely be a Vishraam villa, flat or apartment that will appeal to you in its totality!

7 Important Things to Ask a Real Estate Builder Before Buying a Flat in Guruvayur

While people buy flats for different reasons, the fact remains that it is a big investment and you will need to move forward with precaution. Buying a flat could be for your dream home, or a source of secondary income or a future investment, whatever the reason, the actual process of buying is a multi-step procedure where you have to find the answers to some crucial questions. This would ensure there are no legal problems arising for you as a homeowner down the years.

Do your research and create a checklist to help you choose the right apartment and the right builder in Guruvayur. For the potential homebuyers wanting to buy a flat in Guruvayur, here is a look at some important details you need to ask your property builder about before proceeding with the sale:

Location – You need to know whether the locality is ideal for you and your family’s needs. Find out from your builder whether the project is located in a neighborhood with good infrastructure and if there are any other important facilities coming up in the area. You will also need to find out if the location offers easy connectivity to important places such as schools, colleges, hospitals, supermarkets, etc.

Actual size of the Property – You first need to educate yourself on the different type of property areas mentioned by the developer. These include the super built-up area, built-up area and the carpet area of the flat. As per RERA guidelines, the builder is only supposed to bill you according to the carpet area of your apartment. Get specific and ask your builder for the carpet area of your dream apartment in Guruvayur.

Actual Cost of Property – As there are many other costs involved in the buying of luxury apartments in Guruvayur, you will need to ask your builder for a breakdown. Find out about all the other things you will be paying for aside from the actual apartment cost; these could include parking fee, GST, preferred location charges, amenities charges, general facilities charges, etc.

Legal Documents – When buying an apartment, ask your builder for the legal documents and certificates related to the project. This would prevent any ownership hassles in the future. Some of these documents include:

• Title deed
• Local Municipal Corporation approval
• Building plan approval
• Commencement certificate
• Completion certificate
• Encumbrance certificate
• Tax receipts

Credibility of Builder – When looking for builders in Guruvayur, check out their previous projects or better still, check out the online reviews about them. This way you will know the exact shortcomings to ask the builder about. Go with builders who have their brand image to maintain and also have the experience of a number of projects behind them. Big brand builders are also known to incorporate transparent practices into their sale transactions.

Scheduled Delivery – When you are buying an under-construction luxury flat in Guruvayur, you need to find out the exact year and month your builder plans on scheduling the delivery or handover. Have the builder put it in writing so any delay can be reported to RERA for non-compliance by the builder.

Facilities and Amenities – The last feature to ask your builder about are the availability of amenities and facilities that are promised in the project brochure. The essential amenities to look for are lifts, car parking, power backup for the common areas, a fire alarm system as well as a garbage chute system. These will all add to ease of living and enhance your lifestyle. Other commonly available amenities could include a children’s play area, a party hall and a fully-equipped AC gym.

Provided you get fully satisfactory answers to all the above 7 questions, you are now ready to buy your dream luxury flat in Guruvayoor! For those looking for flats for sale in Guruvayoor, look no further than the projects by the best builders in Guruvayoor – Vishraam Builders!

With 21+ years of experience in building over 45 projects in and around Thrissur district and 2000+ happy homeowners, Vishraam Builders are the best builders in Guruvayur. Their happy customers are their best brand ambassadors They not only build homes keeping their clients in mind, but also build responsibly – conserving natural resources and minimizing waste generation and pollution.

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Eco-friendly Building Materials

With the world slowly waking up to the effects of climate change and the importance of sustainable living, the enthusiasm for using ‘green’, eco-friendly living materials is on the rise. By opting for eco-friendly materials for building or remodeling your home, you are reducing the negative impact of human beings on their environment. These eco-friendly materials can be used at all levels of construction, right from the foundation, down to the flooring, wall finishing, and even countertop materials.

With diminishing fossil fuels, there is a great need to reduce energy consumption as a strategy essential to survival. That’s why it’s important to turn towards eco-friendly materials that increase energy efficiency and reduce their negative impact on the environment, as well as on human well-being. There are a lot of materials in the market that are labeled as being ‘green’, but their environment friendliness is sometimes questionable. By choosing products that are made up of natural and renewable materials, as well as those that have recycled content, you are contributing towards lower carbon emissions as well as saving on energy usage.

With rising cost of fossil fuels, you will actually be saving on money too as the usage of eco-friendly materials reduces living costs by reducing energy usage for cooling, heating and lighting. Here is a look at some ways to build sustainably by using eco-friendly construction materials:

Recycled or Reclaimed Wood

Recycled wood has a lower impact on the environment and forests as compared to using fresh timber. Reclaimed wood can be used to create attractive wooden flooring, wall cladding or for exposed beams – creating an elegant and antique look. Cork is another renewable material that is basically the bark stripped from the Mediterranean oak tree. The bark renews itself quickly again and makes an eco-friendly and economy-friendly material that can be used for flooring.


Bamboo is a sustainable material that grows very fast. It’s basically not wood, but a grass that regrows again within five years. Bamboo is a very pliable eco-friendly building material that can be used in multiple ways in construction. It has a higher compressive strength than concrete, brick or wood and a tensile strength that matches steel!

Recycled Steel

Interestingly, steel is one of the most recycled materials globally and of great demand for structural use in construction. The steel reclaimed from 6 junk cars provides enough reclaimed steel to construct a 2000 sq ft home. By opting for recycled steel, you end up saving 75% on energy costs.

Precast Concrete

Concrete is the most widely used building material and is made-up of natural elements that can be recycled, thus making it the natural choice of material for building eco-friendly homes. Precast concrete is more eco-friendly as compared to concrete poured on-site. To make precast concrete, the concrete mix is poured into molds with steel bars/wires and then cured. Once its hardened, it is sent off to the construction site where it is placed into position.

Recycled Glass

To create an artistic special finishing, old glass can be pulverized and recycled for use in home and office buildings. Beautiful floor tiles, kitchen countertop materials as well as translucent wall bricks can all be crafted out of this recycled glass for a classy end-result.


There are a number of eco-friendly green alternative when it comes to roofing. You could go with cool clay tiles, which are all-natural and perfect for tropical climates where they keep the interiors cool (Clay tiles can be used for flooring too). Slate tiles are another natural option as they are chemical-free and use natural earth ore for its production. Fiber cement shingles or recycled metal roofing panels are some of the other natural elements that are entirely free of petrochemicals.

If you are looking for homes that are built responsibly and employ the use of eco-friendly materials, then go with villas and apartments built by Vishraam builders in key areas of Thrissur and its surroundings. Vishraam sets the benchmark in Kerala as far as conservation of natural resources, minimizing waste generation and pollution control are concerned. Every project lays emphasis on preventing adverse impacts on the environment as well as recycling, reusing and restoring nature and natural products in every possible way.

If you are on the lookout for ‘green’ and eco-friendly homes, then invest in a Vishraam home today!

Simple Ways to Make Your Apartment Pet Friendly

Having a pet at home brings joy to the whole family. Aside from providing companionship and love, and providing children with a more wholesome way of growing up, pets are also known to be great stress busters.

There are different types of pets to be had, depending on the unique liking of a person. Some people might enjoy the undemanding, peaceful presence of fishes in a tank or caged birds. While these types of pets don’t require much attention and care, it’s the 4-legged pets that really add life to your home! They love to play all over your home and provide you with entertainment and companionship too. Owning a pet requires commitment and concern and you should keep this in mind before getting one. When bringing a fuzzy little dog or cat home, you also need to ensure that your apartment is safe for your goofy pets so they don’t end up getting hurt.

Here are some tips to make your apartment more pet-friendly:

1. While wooden flooring is considered classy and upscale, it may lead to slips and falls for your pet. Vitrified floor tiles are better – remember to go for the scratch-resistant version.

2. Exquisite rugs and carpets raise up the luxury and oomph level of your home, but they aren’t recommended for homes with furry pets around. This is because they are a magnet for fur and dander and could become unsafe for the family.

3. You will also need to be vigilant about the type of floor cleaner you use as pets tend to lick the floor. Avoid the strong antiseptic type and protect your pet’s health.

4. Give your pet a space to call their own, save a corner for them where you can place his beddings and toys. This way your pet has a place to retire to, when there are noisy guests around.

5. Pets tend to personalize their home and will roam all over the apartment. This is one important reason why you should store all your delicate and precious items such as picture frames, vases and other décor items at a higher level where curious pets can’t access them.

6. Other things to be kept safely away from your pets are your medicines as well as your cleaning fluids. Pets are like naughty children, so you need to store such items in cabinets that are locked or out of reach.

7. Balconies and windows can turn out to be dangerous for pets if adequate care isn’t taken. Do check if the grills on your windows and balcony are tightly interlocked so puppies or cats cannot fall through them.

8. Some common indoor plants are poisonous to dogs, if ingested. Take care not to keep plants like lantana, poinsettia, philodendron or jasmine within your home or balcony where your pets can access them. There are several other beautiful indoor plants that you can grow instead!

9. While modern homes come with concealed wiring, do ensure there are no hanging wires in the form of TV cables, curtain or blinds chords, etc. Hanging wires attract puppies to tug at them, so do ensure that all wires are tucked away and out of reach of curious pets!

10. Finally, ensure that you don’t use white or light-colored fabric in your home, whether it is in the form of upholstery, curtains or throw pillow materials – as they show up pet’s fur. You can opt for scratch-proof faux leather instead. Regular brushing and bathing of your pet would also help reduce the problem of shedding.

Finding a spacious apartment in cities for four-legged pets to move around comfortably in can get challenging, but not when you opt for a Vishraam home! Every Vishraam home is designed keeping the individual needs of its customers in mind. With a number of delightful spacious projects in and around Thrissur to chose from, you are sure to find an apartment in Thrissur that not only fulfills your unique needs, but also of your pet!

Having completed 44+ projects and with the backing of over 2000+ happy families, Vishraam Homes are synonymous with meticulously-planned futuristic homes that are spacious too. What’s more, every Vishraam apartment in Thrissur is built in a green and responsible way, as an ode to Mother Nature.

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Ways to Make your Kitchen Look More Spacious

With cities getting more congested, most urban homes are becoming smaller on footage, but more innovative on designing. And just because your kitchen is short on space doesn’t mean it has to look small and cramped too. There is no reason why your smaller kitchen shouldn’t exude style and roominess either. With a few simple tricks, you can actually expand the dimensions of your kitchen visually and make it look more spacious. And here are some simple ideas with color schemes, cabinetry, furnishing and countertops to create the illusion of greater space.


The simplest and easiest way to make every inch of your kitchen count is with a fresh lick of paint. White is a color that immediately opens up and brightens the kitchen, creating an impression of space. Yellow is another trending color that instantly brings the sunshine into your kitchen, making it appear larger than it actually is. You could contrast these colors with darker shades of green to add depth to your kitchen décor.

Mirrors or Reflective Elements

Mirrors and any other reflective surfaces reflect back light, making your kitchen appear brighter. Some smart ways of using reflective surfaces include features such as shiny backsplashes, glass tiles, high-gloss wall paint, shiny flooring and glossy cabinets. You could also splurge out on stainless steel appliances and fittings that are beautifully reflective and add style to your kitchen.


Having a fuss-free countertop creates long sightlines and the illusion of space. Keeping more things in your kitchen than it can accommodate will create the impression of a cramped, overtly stuffy and small kitchen. Going minimalist and having a designated storage space for every item necessary to your kitchen will ensure more countertop space and a seemingly larger kitchen.

Open Shelves

By going with shallow open shelves, there is an immediate illusion of more airiness and greater spaces. Having your open shelves go high up the walls guides the eyes vertically upwards, creating an aura of greater height along the kitchen walls. The easy flow of light in your storage spaces will make your kitchen appear larger – but you will need to continually work on keeping it neat and tidy-looking though!

Integrated Appliances

Choosing to go with integrated appliances ensures there is no visual clutter of doors of different colors and designs in your kitchen. Having integrated microwave ovens, fridges and even dishwashers ensures an even flow of cabinet doors that provides for visual continuity and sleekness of design. Hence, lack of muddled variety of doors will create an aura of open space.

Slimmer Appliances

In order to have enough space for all the essential kitchen appliances without creating a clutter in your space-challenged kitchen, consider buying slimmer appliances. Go with slim-line fridges, ovens, dishwashers or even base cabinets, and save on much-needed space for storage of other kitchen items.


Natural sunshine beaming into the kitchen brightens it up and makes it look more spacious. Going with lightweight and simple window dressing will further ensure more natural light in the kitchen. Likewise, creative use of cabinet lighting is essential to making your kitchen appear larger and more airy too. Glass panes or skylights are other ways to bring in more natural light.

Unobstructed Sightlines

Visual continuity ensures that your kitchen appears larger than it actually is. To keep the sightlines open, restrict the use of personal memorabilia in the kitchen; cut down on fridge magnets, kid’s artwork or trinket pots to cut down on the clutter. Likewise, go with no-fuss features such as backless barstools, clear plastic chairs, floating islands or even pendant lights without shades. All this will create an unobstructed visual path that will add impression of greater footage to your kitchen.

For those buying homes built by the prestigious Vishraam builders in Thrissur and its surrounding areas, you need not worry about tiny cramped kitchens. With over 21 years of experience, 45 successfully completed projects and over 2000 delighted customers, the Vishraam team of architects and interior designers ensure that every kitchen is innovatively customized for smart urban living needs.

What’s more, every Vishraam home project is constructed responsibly and comes with a green tag ensuring conservation of natural resources and minimal waste generation. Come checkout a Vishraam project today and fall in love again!

Famous Tourist Places near Guruvayur Temple

Guruvayur is a peaceful and serene town that holds great significance to Hindu devotees and history buffs alike. It is home to the famous Guruvayur Shri Krishna temple, which is believed to be the country’s fourth largest temple. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this ancient temple attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists each year, especially during the 12-day-long Shivratri festival. The temple holds cultural interest too due to its magnificent architecture and classic traditional structure which it still maintains.

However, that’s not all that’s famous about Guruvayur as it is a favorite tourism destination too. Aside from its famous elephant sanctuary, this peaceful town is well-known for being home to the country’s first church as well. Here’s a look at some of the interesting tourist places in and around Guruvayoor:

Punnathur Kotta (Elephant Camp Sanctuary)

One of the best tourist destinations in Guruvayur is the expansive Punnathur Kotta. It was originally the palace and fort of the Punathur kings. Sprawling over 11.5 acres of lush greenery, it has been converted into the world’s largest elephant sanctuary. Gear up to get amazed watching these gentle giants roaming around casually within the dense greenery of this sanctuary. Located about 3km away from the Guruvayur temple, you can watch and even participate in the daily feeding, bathing and care routine of the around 60 temple elephants resident here – or see what goes into the training of these elephants for temple rituals and processions. The sanctuary is open to visitors from 9am to 5pm and makes for a memorable day’s outing for both adults and kids!

Palayur Church

South of the town, you can stroll into another outstanding historical monument here. Believed to have been built by one of the twelve apostles of Christianity – St Thomas, in 52 AD, the magnificent Palayur church holds religious as well as historical significance for its visitors. Spend a little while soaking in the serenity and peaceful aura found within its ancient walls and come out a renewed person again.

Chamundeshwari Temple

Another significant place of worship in Guruvayur is the century-old Chamundeshwari temple. It is dedicated to Chamundeshwari Devi, one of the fiercest forms of goddess Durga. The interesting thing here is that the main Devi’s statue in the sanctum sanctorum is made up of five metals – silver, gold, copper, iron and lead. Aside from the serenity within the premises, you also get to enjoy the ornate beauty of the structure and its surroundings.

Institute of Mural Paintings

Interestingly, this institute is located within the Shri Guruvayoorappan temple complex and comes under the jurisdiction of the Devasom Board. It is a must-visit place for cultural and historical buffs alike and is home to numerous exquisite ancient paintings and murals. Students from across the world come here to study the Gurukul system up-close and earn diplomas in courses such as arts, sculptures, aesthetics and mural paintings. If your visit is well-timed, you could even attend some of the exhibitions and seminars here and enrich your cultural knowledge!

Another point of interest within the temple complex is the Devasom Museum. It houses an extensive collection of various artworks that will leave you spellbound. Feast your eyes on valuable antiques, ancient musical instruments, depictive murals, beautiful artefacts, etc.

Chavakkad Beach

And when the day is done, you can head to the Chavakkad Beach, another popular tourist destination, to watch the spectacular sunset over the Arabian Sea. Frolic in the waves or stroll on the golden beach as you unwind after a long day spent sightseeing in Guruvayur.

And if you have fallen in love with the serene beauty of this magical place, why not buy an apartment in Guruvayur and set up home here. There are a number of flats for sale in Guruvayoor for those who are interested in settling down here. Along with easy availability of all important infrastructure, Guruvayur is a rapidly-developing town and the best time to buy a luxury apartment in Guruvayoor is now, when prices are still reasonable.

Vishraam builders are one of the best builders in Guruvayur for those looking to buy flats in Guruvayur. With over 21 years of experience, 45 projects and more than 2000+ happy customers, Vishraam builders craft the best apartments in Guruvayoor. Call a Vishraam executive today and see for yourself!

Common Traps While Purchasing a Flat

Most people dream about buying a home of their own one day, right from their very first job. Since buying a home is an expensive affair, it requires a sizable amount of funds saved over a significant amount of time. However, buying a home isn’t as simple as going grocery shopping – it involves a lot more planning, researching and effort – aside from the expense!

There have been a lot of cases of fraudulent builders and agents who have trapped homebuyers by taking their money and disappearing, providing them with substandard homes, or even building on properties under dispute. The list of sham activities is long and a major reason why you should tread with utmost caution when buying a home. Just because a home looks awesome on a glossy brochure or some new swanky-looking apartment complex, don’t get carried away and buy your home on a whim! Tread with caution before investing in your dream home as there are many traps you could fall into. Here’s a look at some of these red flags:

Out-of-Line Property

There are some unscrupulous builders who aren’t bothered about how they obtain land for building. Quite often, the land used for building apartments doesn’t have the mandatory permits or is under dispute or there are some encumbrances attached to it. In such instances, the builder sells the apartments and moves on; afterwards it’s the apartment owners who have to deal with the insecurity of losing their home and hard-earned savings. To avoid falling prey to such shenanigans, insist on getting a copy of various building permits, design approvals, recent tax receipts of the plot as well as land title deeds. You can also go to the local Sub-Registrar’s office and ask for past land ownership records to ensure there are no liens or litigations attached to it.


This is one step that many homebuyers easily forego and become victims to later. With easy access to online information, you should research on the property first. There are numerous online forums where people share their experiences for various builders to help guide you towards the right property. Verify the builder and the property’s documents before signing anything. Most big brand builders have a reputation to maintain and are consistent in using superior quality products and delivering timely on their promises.


Don’t depend on online information or Google maps alone; take the time out to make physical visits to the location where you are planning on buying a home. And just because you love the flat doesn’t mean you should ignore its location. You shouldn’t take the builder’s word on availability of infrastructure or great neighborhood either. Scout out the area at different times of the day to check for traffic snarls, neighborhood pollution or crime issues. You should also be sure that the location serves all the needs of you and your family. Finally, do check if home costs are on the rise or decline in that location.

Fraudulent Dealers

To protect homebuyers from unreliable agents who are only interested in their cut of the profit, the government came out with the Real Estate Regulation and Development Act which makes it mandatory for all builders to register their projects with the RERA body. Once a property is registered with RERA, homebuyers can easily get quick legal redressal to any unscrupulous act by the builder. Hence, steer clear of real estate agents and builders that haven’t registered their projects with the RERA body.


Before signing on any sale document, do check for all the mandatory documents and paperwork pertaining to the flat you are buying. This includes plot ownership deed, design approval, building completion approval, Occupancy certificate, previous tax receipts, etc.

But if you are buying a flat in Thrissur by the much-awarded Vishraam builders, you can be sure you are safe and in for a transparent transaction experience. With the experience of having built over 45 projects across a span of 21+ years, the highly-skilled Vishraam team boasts of having constructed delightful homes for over 2000 happy customers. What’s more, every Vishraam home is strategically located in a well-connected area and comes fully-loaded with amenities that only serve to enhance your lifestyle.

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5 Benefits of Owning a Home in Guruvayur

Guruvayur is fast becoming the preferred destination for most big brand residential developers. With numerous cost-effective villa, apartment and flats projects coming up in this suburban town of Thrissur district, there is a wide variety of home choices for people looking to buy luxurious apartments in Guruvayur. The demand for new flats in Guruvayur is being further fuelled by the professional community who are always on the lookout for the next best location. Here’s a look at 5 benefits of buying a home in Guruvayur to help homebuyers make the right decision:


Stressful modern lifestyles of the working-class society mean that they require something more than just a roof to call their own; they need a home with a peaceful location, good infrastructure that works, easily accessible basic facilities and top-notch amenities that provide all the perks of modern lifestyles but within a serene background. These needs ensure that the demand for flats for sale in Guruvayur will continue to persist in the years to come. This is because Guruvayur holds a unique place in the heart of history, culture and tourism. Considered as the Dwarka of South India and the abode of Lord Krishna, Guruvayur is also where you will find the country’s oldest church, built in 52 AD by the apostle St. Thomas. All this and more make owning a home in Guruvayur of great benefit.


The most important feature to consider when buying a home is its location. Most big brand builders are always on the lookout for project locations that are well-connected, come with good neighborhoods and have easy access to important infrastructure, facilities and utilities. Guruvayur is a predominantly peaceful suburb that has been growing at a rapid rate over the past decade or so. There is excellent public transport connectivity in terms of buses and trains as well as international airports in neighboring cities. It is currently a hotspot for homebuyers on the lookout for peaceful destinations and freedom from congested city centers.

Peaceful Neighborhood

One of the reasons why new apartment projects in Guruvayoor are seeing greater traction is because of the neighborly mindset of the local community. People are socially responsible here and this has resulted in a strong moral fabric of society. It also means that crime rate is very low here, making it the perfect place to bring up a family. This furthermore means that the elderly can feel safer if living alone over here. This suburban center is also well-known for throwing up many professionals from the arts and entertainment industry.

Best of Both Worlds

Guruvayur is exceptionally placed to offer its residents unique modern lifestyles located within a serene suburban setting. Over the last decade or so, this part of Thrissur district has been witnessing dramatic increase in development with the result that there is excellent availability of road networks, functional public transportation along with its own railway station. Aside from this, Guruvayur also boasts of top-class educational institutions, advanced medical care facilities as well as banking and financial institutions. And when all these props of cosmopolitan living become available within a green and clean suburban setting, you couldn’t ask for a better place to live in! This unique adaptation of fusion lifestyles is another reason why there is an increasing demand for flats in Guruvayoor.

Close Proximity

Another benefit of buying a home in Guruvayur is that everything is within close proximity. Residents can access world-class amenities and lead a seamless life of comfort without the hassle of traveling far or facing too much traffic. Majority of the big brand builders in Guruvayur offer apartments and flats that come fully equipped with luxurious facilities and amenities that only add to quality living.

For those interested in buying luxury apartments in Guruvayoor, checkout the delightfully-executed homes by Vishraam builders. Backed by over 21 years of dedicated building experience of 45 multi-story projects, Vishraam builders are proud to have 2000+ happy homeowners till date. What’s more, every Vishraam home is built responsibly, with minimal damage to Mother Nature. And as with all new-gen homes, these luxury flats in Guruvayoor come with all world-class amenities to boost your lifestyle.

Fix up an appointment and come have a look at them yourself!

Weekend Getaways near Thrissur for a One Day Trip

Also known by pseudonyms such as the ‘Cultural Center’ of Kerala as well as the ‘Pooram City’, Thrissur is a bustling hub for business, education, banking and so much more. The district is famous for being a spiritual center as it is home to the country’s first church and mosque as well as the famous Hindu pilgrimage center at Guruvayur. Famous for its silk and jewelry showrooms too, Thrissur beckons out to one and all to come settle down in its green and clean beauty. Thrissur is also surrounded by amazing weekend getaway hotspots for its inhabitants. Here’s a look at some that are perfect for a one-day trip:

Athirapally Falls

Also known as the ‘Niagara Falls of India’, this spectacular waterfall cascades down from the Anamudi Mountains – a part of the Western Ghats. Athirapally waterfalls is the largest waterfall in the verdant state of Kerala and falls from a height of 80 ft. and is 330 ft. wide. It meanders through the dense greenery of the Vazhachal Forests and onwards towards the Arabian Ocean. The waterfall creates an outstanding view with its cascading frothy waters amid emerald jungles and surrounded by the majestic green Sholayar Peaks. There is a large natural pool before the waterfall where you can frolic and have fun!
Athirapally is just 60km from Thrissur and makes a great weekend destination.


Known as the ‘Rice Bowl of Kerala’, Palakkad is famous for its endless vistas of green trees, rolling expanses of paddy fields, dense forests and serpentine mountains of the Western Ghats. This visual treat is just 69km from Thrissur and ideal for nature lovers. Places to visit include Palakkad Fort, Malampuzha Dam, Silent Valley national park, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, elephant sanctuary and a fantasy park.


Located just 83km from Thrissur, this ancient port city is also known as the ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’. With a trading history going around 600 years back, Kochi is a bustling city that is an eclectic mix of the old and the new and well-known as the commercial and financial capital of the state. It is an amalgamation of Dutch, Portuguese, Phoenician, Arab, Chinese as well as British influences, by virtue of its being a trading center for them. The feudal rulers of the Chera Dynasty also left their mark on the city’s culture and cuisine. Some of the places to see around Kochi are the grand Lulu mall, Fort Kochi, Dutch museum, Kerala Kathakali Center, etc.


This cool hill station is located just 75km from Thrissur, along the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border and is ideal for eco-tourism and romantic getaways. Teeming with unexplored treasures, this weekend getaway offers picturesque tourist attractions amid its jewel-like green surroundings. Covered with tea, coffee and spice plantations, this area is home to a variety of exotic flora and fauna too. Nelliyampathy is the perfect haven for eco-tourism and is surrounded by majestic peaks ranging from 500m to 1600m! Aside from these places, Nelliyampathy is also known for Nanmara Vellanghy Vela festival, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary and the Nelliyampathy Hills.


Also known as the ‘Small Mecca of the South’, it’s dotted with numerous Muslim institutions and a Juma masjid built in 925 AD. Ponnani is a small beach town and is mainly a fishing hub located about 49km from Thrissur. This picturesque town is a paradise for vacationers with its peaceful green scenery rich in colorful flora and fauna. It’s also a birder’s paradise with many migratory and exotic birds being seen during the months of March to May. Some other places to visit include the beautiful Padinharekara beach, Thrikkavu temple and boat racing at the mouth of the Bharathapuzha and Tirur Rivers.

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Tips to Balance Work and Family Life

Finding a balance between work and family life requires a fine balance which many are unable to achieve. It is one of the key elements leading to stress in adults with more of them finding it difficult to maintain a work-life balance in this productivity-driven society.

The key to striking a balance between career and balance means creating clear boundaries and prioritizing time and responsibilities. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to finding a work-life balance. While working hard to get ahead in your career is important, don’t belittle the family waiting at home by forgetting their worth in your life either. Inability to maintaining this balance results in inefficiency at the work place, dysfunctional family relationships and poor health. Hence, to keep yourself happy and motivated, both at work and home, you need to find a way to create the perfect balance. Though achieving a work-life balance might appear challenging, here are some tips to help you get there:


Whether you work full-time, part-time or as a freelancer, the path to a work-life balance appears daunting. Making a conscious decision to create visible margins between the two and prioritizing both will help achieve balance and greater harmony in your life. It will also help you to work better and produce quality output, putting your career in the forefront. Likewise, being there for your family at the right times would also create harmony at the home-front, keeping you in a healthier and happier state of mind.

Learn to say ‘NO’

Saying NO to your boss or manager can appear intimidating, but sometimes it’s the only way to maintain a work and family life balance. When your workload is increased, you need to assess your work schedule and see if it will affect your quality of productivity, stress levels and your family time. If you feel it could have a negative effect on your work-life balance, learn to say NO to your boss and thank him for considering you for the task instead!

Create Boundaries

While technology makes it possible to stay connected with work, no matter where you are, it is important to unplug from work when you are with your family. Likewise, you need to create boundaries between your work and the distraction of the family; this will ensure that the quality of your work doesn’t suffer. This also goes on to mean that there should be no work calls taken during mealtimes with the family. Checking work emails should also be minimal during vacations and only the urgent ones need to be given a reply.

Revisit your Schedule

The key to improving your work-family life balance is by carefully assessing your activities. While at work, minimize time spent on browsing through social media, checking personal emails or surfing the net. Time spent on more productive work would ensure that you finish your tasks on time and can get back to spend quality time with your family. By simply limiting nonessential activities, you get to create a positive impact on both your work life and family life!

Home Location

Though the location of your home isn’t given much consideration when talking about work-family life balance, it plays an important role too. If your home is located close to your workplace, you can easily afford to spend some extra quality time at home in the mornings. Likewise, you will get home earlier in the evenings too as the commute back home would be shorter and you wouldn’t spend hours stuck in traffic jams. And you could easily pop home for a quick home-cooked lunch, which would keep your family happy no end!

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