Why investing in Villas is a good idea?

Indian Real estate market has changed for the better after the implementation of much-anticipated regulatory bills like GST and RERA. With more transparency in operations and clear-cut tax structures the property market has certainly picked up, causing potential home buyers to invest without hassles. Today’s trends show that people are preferring Villas and independent houses more than apartments. Vishraam Builders, the eco-friendly builders in Thrissur with 19 years of building excellence, bring to you an insight on why investing in Villas is a good idea?

Freedom to design

Villas allow you the freedom to design your space as per your preferences. You get to live in the lap of luxury if you plan a luxurious home! Besides, you are also able to enjoy decking up your home with top interiors. Apart from that, you can have a go at long-lost hobbies like gardening or even grow your own herbs and spices. Villas are not just the best form of investment, but also the realisation of a dream home. You can opt for villas in a gated community like Vishraam Praana and treat yourself to amenities and facilities in the comfort of your independent house.

Great locality and appreciation value

Having a villa in the suburbs of a city is always a better choice than a congested studio apartment in a busy neighbourhood! Suburban neighbourhoods are now having promising appreciation rates and also provide the ideal surroundings for families to live. A suburban villas in Thrissur also offers a pollution-free living away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Suburbs have quick appreciation as well as great connectivity to the major hubs of the town.

High resale value

The initial cost of Villas for sale in Thrissur may be higher but they have a much better resale value and you can reap in more than you invest. They are far more spacious than apartments and you can have the option of renting out some extra unused space as well for extra income.


Villas offer a great deal of privacy as they are independent houses. Family get-togethers, barbecue session or parties with music can be held in the privacy of your house or garden lawns. You can nurture your family for generations to come, in your villa in Thrissur.

Security at its best

Villas are often mistaken to lack security. Potential homeowners feel that they will constantly need to hire security guards for villas, however at developments like Vishraam Praana, security will not be a concern. You can enjoy the luxury and opulence of a villa in the security and soundness of a gated community, making it the perfect form of investment for families.

The combination of such benefits make Vishraam Praana, villa project in Thrissur from a trusted builder like Vishraam Builders, who excels by innovating, improving quality, reliability and service, truly ideal of a lifetime.