Perfect strategy to safeguard your investments during a pandemic

Corona – the Pandemic has gripped the world! It is one of the most deadly diseases which is causing a huge number of deaths. The world economy has been affected badly & economists predict a recession has set in.

Closures and retrenchments, salary cuts or delays in payout have become the recent trends! These are all inevitable outcomes of a struggling economy & may seem rather a hopeless situation. Nevertheless, there are things you can do to protect your investments from the impact of the pandemic. Before you take hasty decisions, a wait and watch policy can be fruitful at this time.

Safeguarding your investments

Shares, commodity prices and bond investments have become stressed in this scenario with even real estate is reeling under the pressure of the pandemic. But there is always a ray of light at the end of the tunnel! Here are tips for the perfect strategy to safeguard your investments during a pandemic from Vishraam Builders, reputed eco friendly, builders in Thrissur.

It is in this situation that you must give deep thought over your risk profile! Do not keep yourself on the sidelines for too long. Try to make a staggered entry into the stock market with the surplus cash you have. You should be ready to put your money to work quickly. Invest in fundamentally strong reputed businesses that are better run as they can sail through safely even as weaker businesses sink. They withstand the turbulence of the market and bounce back quickly.

This is the perfect time to invest money with a long-term view & buy your favourite stocks as all are coming with steep discounts! But even that comes with the associated risks. Before you think of making changes in your portfolio, stock yourself with an adequate buffer. Don’t make decisions about your portfolio at this time. There’s no need to liquidate your long-term investments.

Now that the lockdown has been extended a few more days, the economic slowdown will continue. Real estate seems to be a safer bet! Even though the growth curve has flattened a bit, it will gain an upward lift in the long run. A wait and watch policy will be useful here too. Do not be in a rush to sell off properties like flats. It will only appreciate in value later on.

As the Repo rates have gone down many banks and other financial institutions are passing on the benefits to their customers in the form of low interest rates on home loans. So if you are thinking of investing in flats in Thrissur, this is the best time to apply for loans. Your age will be a main factor in where you put your money. Just try to work out the amount of time you have until you will need to cash out your investments and make wise decisions. Remain calm & wait for the chaos to settle. This too will pass!