8 Tips to Nurture your indoor garden

If you are owning a flat in Thrissur or a Flat in Guruvayur a beautiful indoor garden with healthy house plants is going to make you the envy of your friends and family! With a little expert guidance, you can create one. These are a few tips to nurture your indoor garden that will make you the envy of your family and friends!

1. Choose Healthy Houseplants

Plants that are healthy make a good indoor garden. Choose plants wisely from a trusted nursery. Chinese evergreen, Dracaena, Pothos and snake plant can be grown easily with little care. While buying look for signs of good health.

2. Water Properly

Improper watering is a top cause for damage in house plants. The signs of underwatering are wilting, loss of leaves and flowers, and brown leaf tips. Overwatering causes fungal disease in the roots, which leads to root rot. Overwatered plants will have blackened leaves. Plastic pots will retain soil moisture longer than porous terra-cotta containers.

3. Provide Optimum Lighting

House plants without enough light grow weak and spindly, lose leaves and are prone to pests and diseases. Place plants that require high light in front of a window, or under full-spectrum lighting in your Villas in Thrissur or Flats in Guruvayur. Plants that need medium light can be placed away from windows.

4. Fertilize Regularly

Feed your houseplants with high-quality fertilizer to promote a healthy growth and plenty of flowers. Frequent applications of mild organic fertilizers, will provide a constant supply of organic matter that breaks down slowly and provides plants with necessary nutrients.

5. Control Houseplant Pests

Check weekly for signs of insect infestation like mealy bugs, scale insects and spider mites. Sure signs of infestation are holes in leaves and a sticky substance on foliage excreted by pests as they feed. Isolate the affected houseplant immediately and treat it to safeguard the rest of the plants.

6. Ensure sufficient humidity

A little additional humidity certainly helps your house plants! Leaf curling and yellowing, bud drop, brown leaf tips and pest infestation are sure signs that your houseplants suffer from low humidity. Spray your houseplants with water two to three times a day. You can also place the plant in a tray filled with polished stones or marbles with water added to it. Grouping plants together will also cause plants to humidify each other.

7. Groom and Prune

Keep your plants well groomed and pruned to keep them tidy and attractive. Regularly remove dying foliage and spent flowers. Wipe leaves with a soft, wet cloth to remove dust and buildup.

8. Repot when necessary

Houseplants thrive with occasional repotting. Re-pot to a container which is one pot size larger than the current container.

We hope these tips to nurture your indoor garden from Vishraam Builders with 19 years of excellence as the most eco-friendly builders in Thrissur has been of help to you. We ensure on time delivery of residential and commercial buildings to achieve customer satisfaction. Happy gardening to you!