Guruvayoor: A piece of heaven on Earth

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This is part one of a three part series, taking you behind the scenes to understand the inspiration behind ‘Aanandita’, a one of a kind assisted living solution in the celestial town of Guruvayoor.


our projects have a heavy bearing on location because we want our residents to have their amenities conveniently close, all the while ensuring their domicile is peaceful and nurturing. It is a very tricky balance to achieve but one that we pride ourselves on having accomplished, after all we have been part of many new beginnings and we want these moments to be perfect for our customers.

With ʻAananditaʼ we were blessed with the opportunity to construct this one of a kind assisted living solution in Guruvayoor, the very town that Sree Guruvayoorappan calls home. For the spiritual individual Guruvayoor conjures up sacred images of the elaborate poojas at the Guruvayoor Temple, lamps being lit in the mukhamandapam and throngs of devotees making their way into the sacred precincts. While for the history and myth enthusiast, Guruvayoor offers up overwhelming details through itʼs many-stranded stories on itʼs journey to becoming one of Indiaʼs most important temple town, a Mahakshetram.

Aanandita, tucked in a cosy corner adjacent to the celebrated Mammiyoor temple and only a few hundred meters away from Guruvayoor Temple, is postured in a manner that offers our residents a unique vantage. We picked this spot in adherence to our credo, thereby providing two significant advantages to our residents – connectivity by road, trains and flights so that your loved ones are never too far away to visit and conveniences that are at your door step so that you have the relaxed lifestyle you always desired. At Aanandita, what we promise you is an ideal address to spend the golden years of your life, untethered and carefree.