Ways to live more sustainably

Reduce, reuse, recycle are the three words reverberating in your mind when you think of sustainable living! Living more sustainably can make a big impact on our planet! Resources like clean air, food and water are becoming scarce nowadays. Greenhouse gas emissions have increased pollution levels. If we continue to consume resources at an unsustainable rate both people and nature will face severe consequences.

Finding ways to live more sustainably should be our top priority. Check out these green living ideas from Vishraam Builders, leading builders and developers in Thrissur.

Reduce energy use

Try energy conservation in your house as part of sustainable living. Here are several simple ways to reduce your energy use:

  • Turn off appliances that you’re not using.
  • Check out the star rating and install energy-efficient appliances.
  • Use a programmable thermostat that lowers or raises the temperature for your home Geyser.
  • Open windows to allow the breeze to come in instead of turning on the AC.
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFLs.

Reduce water consumption

Saving water also leads to a sustainable lifestyle! Invest in a good
filtration system. Keep refillable water bottles at home, in your car, and one at the office. When you’re washing dishes at the sink do not let the water run unnecessarily.

Many builders in Kerala like Vishraam Builders are constructing residential projects with rain water harvesting & water conservation. Recycled water from kitchens and bathrooms are used for watering garden plants.

Gardening at home

You should try growing your own veggies! Start a small vegetable garden in a corner of your yard. Even a container on your porch or windowsill will do. You can grow edible herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Organic waste from your home can be used to create a green fertilizer.

Say no to plastic shopping bags

Use your reusable bag when you go shopping. The amount of plastic shopping bags that land up in the landfills and oceans are polluting our mother earth. You can do your bit towards saving your planet by taking your own reusable bag for shopping.

Buy eco-friendly stuff to decorate

You can buy eco-friendly things like Cotton furnishings, Coir or Jute mats to apply sustainable living to your home decor as well! Before purchasing anything for your home, question yourself how often you are going to use it. If it’s just once or twice, then think about options like renting.

Resell and donate items

You can give an extended life to items that you no longer need through resale and donation.

Buy organic, local or both

Try to use locally produced foods and organic ones in your cuisine. Cooking at home is more budget friendly and also you can avoid the packaging waste as well.

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