Things you should check before buy an Apartment

Planning to buy an apartment for residential purpose or as an investment option in the near future! Nowadays many apartment projects have come up in Thrissur & Guruvayur where builders are into providing top amenities in their projects. Luxury premium apartments in Thrissur may be fitted up with amenities like air-conditioned common areas, spas, private health clubs, jogging tracks and many more. 

But before buying apartments or flats, be careful on what to look out for and not be misled by marketing talk! In the end you should get value for what you are paying for!

Here are some things you should check before you buy an Apartment:


Location of the apartment is an important point to consider while buying an apartment! Whether you are buying flats in Guruvayur or apartments in Thrissur as an investment or planning to move in there, a good location like Guruvayur or Thrissur is always prime. Ensure the area has good growth and there are good schools, supermarkets and other essential amenities close by.

Property value

 When you are buying an apartment, be it a luxury or budget one, you should ensure that no other premium is charged other than what is quoted earlier. Take your time to compare apartment projects of other builders in the same location and decide. 

Legal matters

While buying a flat in Guruvayur or apartment in Thrissur, a lot of documentation in there.  Before you fix the deal, take care to go through the documents yourself and also get a legal consultation. Check the following documents and clearance certificates to avoid getting into any legal tangle in future:

  • Land Record
  • Construction Clearances
  • Approved Planning
  • Land Use Certificate
  • Master Plan of the property
  • No Objection Certificates 

Credibility of the builder

The credibility of the builder plays a major part in influencing your decision. You should thoroughly research the builder and his past projects. You can choose a credible builder like Vishraam Builders who develops only quality living spaces. 

Maintenance fees

All flats in Guruvayur or apartments in Thrissur will have a maintenance fee set. Try to compare with other projects with same features & amenities to get a fair idea.

Energy costs

Check out if other arrangements for power like alternate power sources like solar panels is there so that power bills will not come as a shock to you later on. 

Carpet area

Your apartment is where you will spend most of your time. Take care to ensure that the common amenities does not eat up the actual living space you are getting.  Hence a good carpet area should be there in your luxury apartment.

Paying for unwanted luxuries

Many apartments may have amenities that you may not be using. Take care you decide only on what you need. Inspect all amenities offered along with the property before buying.

Now that you have gone through a list of things you should check before you buy an Apartment happy buying to you from Vishraam Builders !