Things you’ll need for your first home

Things you'll need for your first home

It is a moment of pride for anyone to move into his/her own home. If you are going to start living in flats in Thrissur or apartments in Guruvayur, how to setup the new home and where to start are questions you face when you set up your own place for the very first time. We are sure you might be having your own long list of things to buy. But let’s start off by checking out the list of bare essentials here – the things you’ll need for your first home to live comfortably and safely.

To liven up your space

Furniture & furnishings along with accessories are an absolute necessity if you want to relax in your new home. So buy wisely! Things needed will be Chairs, Coffee table, Curtains (including the rods), Bookshelves, Lamp, TV along with a stand or mountings to keep it, Wall hanging, Photo frames & cushions.

Laundry Basket

You may not want to ruin your bedroom or the bathroom with dirty laundry strewn about. Just store them in style with good looking laundry baskets.

Making Cleaning easy

Making Cleaning easy

New place or old one cleaning is needed. So be prepared with the dusters, dust pans, cleaning agents and soap buckets, Wiping clothes, Scrubbers, Sponges, Washing liquid, Cleaning sprays, General disinfectant, Sweeping brush, Mop & Vacuum cleaner.

Sleeping at peace

Sleeping comfortably in your flats in Thrissur is a most essential thing! The most important things needed in a Bedroom are Bed, Bedside table, Mattress, Bedside lamp, Bed sheets, Duvet and its cover, Pillows and their covers, Wardrobe, Alarm clock or any wall clock, Chest of drawers, Dressing table, Clothes hangers & more. Buying a Divan bed or a futon is a brilliant idea if your new home is short in space.

All for a functional kitchen

All for a functional kitchen

Unless the kitchen is set, an apartment is incomplete! A fully functional kitchen needs a Kitchen table, Refrigerator, Dustbin, Kettle, Toaster, Microwave/Gas oven, Blender/ Mixer are the basic kitchen appliances needed. Get a basic set of Plates, Spoons, Forks, Knives, Drinking glasses, Cups and mugs and cookware to prepare and eat your meals.

Emergency light

An absolute necessity in your new home! Be prepared for the frequent power failures in the state.

A little bit of green

A little bit of green

It’s always good to bring in a little bit of greenery inside the house. Fresh plants and flowers can fill up a room with positivity, calm and freshness. You can have potted plants, hanging pots or a bunch of flowers & feel the difference it makes to your room.

Hardware tools & equipment

You can take care of any small installation or repair with proper tools & equipment like Screwdriver, Tester, Step ladder, Hammer, Pliers, Drill etc.

Now that you have the list of things you’ll need for your first home in place, it’s the time to look around & shop wisely. Vishraam Builders, eminent builders in Thrissur brings to you flats in Thrissur & apartments in Guruvayur, to set up your new home. Call us to know more.

Aanandita is the Answer

Aanandita Logo

This is part three of a three part series, taking you behind the scenes to understand the inspiration behind ‘Aanandita’, a one of a kind assisted living solution in the celestial town of Guruvayoor.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 1.21.14 PM

We set out to create a one of a kind assisted living concept to provide a safe haven for our elders that is modern, complete with all comforts and one that gave our esteemed elders a strong sense of spiritual welfare and belonging. Aanandita is for those who are done with the rat race but still enjoy the vibrancy of life. A new beginning to do those things you’ve meant to do but never found the time for…learn a new language, cultivate a new hobby, spend time with friends, and read all those books you’ve collected, all without worrying about life’s mundane details. We have designed the facilities in a manner conducive for comfort and specialized care. Everything from your chores to your bills, security and medical care are looked after so that you can finally live the life you have earned.

Structurally, Aanandita is an 8 storey apartment that comprises of 70 units segmented into Studio, 1 BHK and 2 BHK layouts. These layouts are bright, airy, offer spectacular views and are carefully designed bearing in mind it’s inhabitants. The list of amenities available to our residents are as follows

  1. 24 X 7 security and surveillance.
  2. On demand services for domestic chores.
  3. On demand medical services.
  4. Health and recreation center.
  5. A group dining area.
  6. A meditation and prayer hall.
  7. Lush landscaped parks.
  8. Complete water management and recycling.
  9. Waste management and bio bins.
  10. Solar to grid power usage.

At ‘Aanandita’ the motto is ‘Making life easier’ and we are pulling out all stops to make it happen. The diverse amenities and ergonomical structure coupled with the perfect location that it is perched on makes ‘Aanandita’ the perfect choice for post retirement living. Yes, ‘Aanandita’ is the answer. Book your spot right away!

We would love to hear from you, you can reach us on 97466 58888/ 9895 224433.

Waking up to The World Environment Day

Earth is our home and environment is its roof. If we all do our small bit towards our environment we can undue the damage and create a healthier and greener world for the future generations.

The World Environment Day is one of the best times to initiate efforts for a cleaner, greener planet no matter how small your step may be.

Significations and the road ahead

Every year June 5 marks the birth of World Environment Day (WED) as established by United Nations General Assembly in 1972. The significance of the WED can be understood as it is globally celebrated to raise awareness on environment and mobilize action for environmental protection.

While there are many causes of environmental pollution including industrialization, active constructions across the globe and non usage of environment friendly building norms by builders are also part of the problem. To lower the impact of environmental pollution, we at Vishraam Builders strive to adopt green and energy efficient buildings while minimizing pollution during construction phase of our apartments in Thrissur and Guruvayur. Giving high prominence to the environment is one of our core ethics as we truly believe our planet is our only real home.

Construction industry and pollution

A visit to any under construction site will make you understand the nuisances of pollutants active in the environment. The use of sand, bricks, mortar and other pollutants float in the air causing possible damage to construction workers and the people living in the vicinity of the under construction area.

We at Vishraam Builders make sure that the pollutants floating in the air are minimized with continuous monitoring of dust particles in the air. While pollution is a linked actively to the construction industry, adopting proactive means can minimize the damage as we strive to do our bit for our planet.

We use products that reduce global warming and avoid lead and other harmful material contents.

How we at Vishraam Builders strive for a better planet in our own way

Effective waste and water management

Waste and water management is a protocol that every Vishraam project follows to the tee. We understand the ground water is limited and hence wasting water is a cardinal sin. Balancing modern living with ethical living builders can facilitate rainwater harvesting. We ensure that creating rainwater harvesting catchment areas are planned in advance to ensure a cost effective harvesting plant as well as to recharge wells. Rainwater harvesting allows for an effective recharging of the groundwater that then helps the entire neighborhood due to rise in ground water levels.

Reduce Reuse Recycle is a part of our core values

Every building designed by us at Vishraam builders is designing for adaptability, and we use durable materials that are worth recovering for reuse or recycling. As a result not only are we able to save costs and pass on the benefits to our clients, we are able to minimize long term pollution and environmental degradation.

Buildings are designed to maximum use of natural light and air utilisation. Solar power supply to electrical grid is a step forward.

Enhancing green belt initiates

Every construction site linked to Vishraam Builders has a dedicated area, which is marked as an effective green belt. We plant trees and ensure green belt is developed completely once the construction phase is over and the project is handed over to our clients.

Focus on environmental clearance

As a socially responsible enterprise, we at Vishraam builders maintain high standards and initiate projects only after due diligence. All our flats in Thrissur and Guruvayur have been approved and cleared by associated environmental agencies. We are proud at our record of maintaining a fully compliant building and developing company with a 100% track record for all environmental clearances no matter how small or big the project.

Smart garbage disposal mechanism

As garbage disposal is one of the biggest urban challenges facing India, we at Vishraam builders ensure all our residential projects in Thrissur and Guruvayur are devised with effective garbage disposal mechanism. We have dedicated areas for collection of organic and non-organic waste helping residents do their bit for an effective garbage disposal.

Conclusion: World Environment Day has to be celebrated everyday and not just one day in the year. We at Vishraam Builders strive to ensure all our projects are environmental friendly doing our bit for our world.