Smart Homes: Things you should know before investing

Redefining luxury living are the Smart homes of today! Many real estate developers are revolutionising the concept of a home with luxurious intelligent living spaces that are energy efficient as well! Many residential projects now have their amenities and various functions with easy operation and which can be controlled from a single source. Homes of today come with smart sensors & plugs that can auto set the geysers, lights and fans, which can be operated with a smartphone.

Investors and buyers of smart homes are often misled as there is limited awareness about smart home automation in India. Buyers must do proper research before investing in a smart home. Let’s check out the diverse aspects of Smart Homes: Things you should know before investing. Vishraam Builders, reputed builders of flats in Guruvayur and apartments in Thrissur share some thoughts on this. Read on…

What is a Smart home?

It is a living space with a network of connected, remotely managed and monitored devices. With Smart homes or home automation the residents and users can enjoy higher security & comfort. All this at reduced costs due to the high energy efficiency of devices. The home automation system is an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT). The system exchanges consumer data to automate services based on user experience.

How is Home Automation made possible?

Connectivity is the secret behind home automation! Using Wi-Fi, the devices are connected and this facilitates communication between them. These devices work with embedded specialised software that records user data and offers intelligent predictions. Smart lights, smart home security systems, entertainment systems, thermostats, etc. are some of the common smart devices in homes.

By 2026, home automation in India is expected to boom to $13,574.1 million as millennials are fast adapting to newer technologies for energy saving and simpler living. Internet services have become relatively cheaper and home automation will set on at a fast pace.

If you are looking to invest in smart homes in India, these smart devices might interest you:

  • Smart sensors can detect overflow of water and power leakage.
  • Smart doorbells with voice recognition and a video camera give higher security.
  • Smart kitchen appliances can be set to work on a specific time & also to alert you for fumes & fires.
  • Smart showers and toilets can assess bodily wastes and monitor the user’s health closely every day.
  • Smart air conditioners, along with lights, fans and switches, can be set to offer ideal temperature and set off when not in use
  • Smart entertainment units working on voice recognition can offer easy operation and personalised entertainment.

With this insight on Smart Homes: Things you should know before investing, we hope you should have a fair idea of the various factors that go into putting together a smart home. Book your flats in Guruvayur or apartments in Thrissur with us at Vishraam Builders and let us know your smart home requirements.