How to Make your Home Look More Luxurious?

Your home is not only your castle where you are the king/queen of all that you see, but it’s also your daily source of joy and pride. And to make your home look more like a picture from the luxury homes section of glossy magazines, here are some interior decorating ideas and tips to help you get there:

Statement Pieces

Identify key elements that could add a luxurious feel to your home and are worth splurging out on. Some of these features easily include eye-catching chandeliers, stand-out area rugs and sofas with outstanding colors and fabrics.


Why wait for a party to add flower power to your home. Fresh cut flowers add an easy luxury element to any home. Display them in the hall, dining table or even the kitchen!


Create a whole wall of books to add an element of elegance to your room. Ensure that the bookshelf has a wood tone finishing to make it look rich. Aside from books, you can also add a few curio items to your shelves to heighten interest levels!


Use a large mirror with an interesting frame to make a space look bigger – and add a luxurious feel. It will also brighten up the space as it reflects light. A floor-length mirror is even better!

Window Dressing

Off-the-shelf blinds/curtains might not fit perfectly to your window’s dimensions. To create an opulent, luxurious look, have your window dressings tailor-made to your windows. Drapes that are ceiling-to-floor length, not only add height to the room, but also add elegance.

Wall Art

If you feel your walls or ceilings look dull, do consider adding cornicing or molding. You could add this type of artwork at the chair railing level or towards the ceiling level, and add greater elegance to your home.

Update Fixtures

Changing old door or drawer knobs, door handles, light switches or even water faucets can amp up the luxury factor in your home.


Color-coordinated area rugs help to ground furniture groupings and define room boundaries. This is aside from providing a creative element of interest to the room.

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